Importance Of Goal Setting

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A mindset of a person matters in every facet of the life. It enhances the strongest characteristics of who we are and wo we want to be. The world agrees that a person need to have greater motivation in life, although worse scenario might be anticipated. A greater motivation leads to higher productivity than its counterpart- a mainstream of goal setting and positive psychology. While on other hand, this mainstream of goal setting isn’t enough to judge the higher progress or productivity: establishing just any goal is not going to produce a greater motivational benefit. In addition, people have their different perspective about the goal setting; the definition and explanation of goal setting differs from individual to individual, time to time, …show more content…

Goal setting produces number of benefits, whether it be in personal case or professional life. The basic underlying premise of goal setting explains the relation between goal establishment and our achievement. Apart from achievements, goal setting soothes the anxiety and pressure. Goal setting destigmatize the pressure upon us by demystifying the way out in the future. The habit of goal setting helps to anticipate the things and suggest for the pre-plan. A well-planned structure is obvious to be anxiety and pressure free; same is the case with goals setting. Earlier goal setting was taken just as a medium to anticipate things. People weren’t proactive towards goal setting; they had a concept but they were unware about using them for improve production. From the initial period of study of goal setting, people were more focused on private case. They lacked a proper strategy to set the goals and end up with wrong assumption which further led to disappointing results. The traditional trends seem that there is no room for failure and adjustments in goal setting. When you have zero knowledge on something, everything seems realistic and achievable. The earlier use of goal setting was bound by limited knowledge which intervened in all possible sector, however this could not bring a positive result …show more content…

The pace of change was accelerating and the traditional goal setting trend could not cope of with the accelerating situation. Goal setting, which was just limited to conscious individual has now broaden its study. It has been a major topic of discussion and invention. The using trends has led to the formation of goal setting theory which has been most researched, utilized and established theory. Regarding the goal setting and positive mindset of human, it has been discovered that human action is purposeful and is directed by conscious goals. The modern framework of goal setting has more consciousness and understanding than the traditional one. The newest theories and their use have been based on the statement that relies on “positive mindset as the presence of something positive, versus absence of something negative”. The traditional use was just depended on something positive, but now it counts negative at the same time. This explains that there is changing trend of goal setting, as goal setting is linked with positive mindset. For an example, prior the goal was set only after being failure or observing the negative consequences, but in modern framework positive consequences, along with negative ones, are anticipated before setting a target. Various research are conducted regarding the ways, technique of goal settings; experimental studies has been on limelight for efficient goal

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  • Explains that a person's mindset enhances the strongest characteristics of who they are and wow they want to be. the conventional definition and explanation of goal setting has limited our mind about understanding, use, trends.
  • Explains the basic premise of goal setting — it helps to anticipate things, suggest for the pre-plan, and destigmatizes the pressure upon us.
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