Goals In Goal Setting

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Many people have goals, it is simply a common idea that all people have whether they are big or small, a halfhearted joke or a dream that one wishes to make a reality. However, what most people do not realize is that it takes much more than a want or desire. Most people think that is they wish for it hard enough it will come true. Yet there are others that know that it takes a significant amount of planning, mental preparedness, effort, perseverance, and determination. Some of these people use FOCUS, a method used in goal setting. FOCUS stands for Fit, Ownership, Concreteness, Usefulness, and Stretch. The idea is to make sure that your goal fits your personal core values, that it is a goal that makes you genuinely happy, not someone else, Some already have goals in place; that goal can be anything, but typically it revolves around a career choice. Yet, there are others that are still undecided. To make this choice, the first step should be to find out who you really are, not who you think you are. This involves finding out how you learn and articulate information to make it “stick” in your mind; do you learn best hands on, or do you process information more accurately when it is written down. Doing so will assist you in helping you find the personality that defines you as accurately as possible. This is essential for deciding the goal itself since your learning style and personality are connected to one another. Which in turn will help to define your strengths and weaknesses as well as careers that suit both personality and strengths. Choosing your desired career will set your ultimate goal, the next step is setting up the No goals have been achieved through sheer laziness and lack of motivation. In fact, it is quite the opposite, achieving a truly useful goal is through hard work and determination. Along with that, make sure to do the necessary research to achieve your goal. Once that is said and done, develop the master plan and set your plan into action. It will be a long and difficult road, but the harder the trial the greater the

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