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Using Software For Support Assessment Essay examples

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Using software to support assessment is important in the academic setting. The use of technology allows students different options to test taking. Using technology to support assessments in the classroom not only helps improve familiarity with the technology, it also helps measure student growth and achievement. The use of software tools such as Kahoot, Socrative, and Plickers can be implemented in the classroom to help measure students’ growth and equip students with the technological skills of the 21st century.
Technology to Facilitate Ongoing Efforts to Assess Student Learning
The use of technology in the classroom motivates students, encourages them to become problem solvers, and creates new ways to demonstrate creative thinking (Gunter & Gunter 2015). The use of technology in the classroom is important in helping teachers evaluate what students have learned. Advances in assessment technologies allow teachers and students new ways to efficiently assess and track achievement while at the same time promote learning (Landauer, Lochbaum, & Dooley, 2009). Teacher’s continuous efforts to assess student learning helps encourage student engagement and participation. Using technology for assessment allows teachers to plan instructional time better. From the data that is collected from the assessments, know what needs to be reteached, when instruction can progress forward, or if information needs to be explained or demonstrated in another way. Using technology for assessments allows teachers to be successful in their profession and students to be successful in the classroom.
Studies have shown that game based learning is an effective tool in aiding language learning and teaching, and can increase and sustain l...

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...assroom will be more engaging and conducive to individual student needs, and students will be learning technology skills that they will need in the present and future. The future school that I will be teaching at will be technology efficient with implementation of the technology plan and student’s test scores will improve. Finally, the district will receive accolades about the innovative ways their schools are using to educate students. I have learned in the class that technology can help improve the educational system. Students learn better using interactive tools online versus the traditional ways. Technology should not be viewed as a distraction, but as a tool to increase student success. Using technology in the classroom today is said to have a positive impact on students’ success and their attitude towards the lesson that is being taught (Eyyam & Yaratan, 2014).

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