Using Advertising Techniques in Health Education: Changing Experience of Kazakhstan

Using Advertising Techniques in Health Education: Changing Experience of Kazakhstan

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In Kazakhstan there are several problems related to the health such as high rates of smoking and alcohol and drug abuse. Although smoking prevalence has declined from 1990 and 2005, it may be claimed that that tobacco cigarettes prevalence among Kazakhstan population is still significant problem (Peto et al. 1996, 15; Gallagher et al. 2010, 36). According to Gallagher et al., although the smoking prevalence in Kazakhstan is 26.6% (2005) and remains at a relatively average level, tobacco smoking prevalence among men (43.2%) is still one of the highest in comparison with the most of European countries (2010, 36). Moreover, alcohol consumption in Kazakhstan seems to be also important problem. Statistics taken from WHO Kazakhstan profile (2004, 3) shows that alcohol prevalence among adolescents is quickly increasing even faster than the rate of alcoholism among adults. There might be several approaches for the solution of this problem and one of them is the promotion of healthy lifestyle, which includes anti-smoking and anti-alcohol campaigns and other specific regulations which could convince people to give up harmful habits. Moreover, these health campaigns and promotions of healthy lifestyle should be conducted accordingly. Particularly, that means it should include wide use of media resources such as TV, radio, outdoor and print advertising to comply more people to give up hazardous habits. On account of this, advertising techniques used in health campaigns have considerable importance in health education. Although such campaigns are conducted in Kazakhstan, not all of them might be sufficiently effective. The purpose of this essay is to evaluate the effectiveness of advertisements being used in health education in Kazakhstan. In ...

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