The Use of Marijuana vs. Ecstasy Essay

The Use of Marijuana vs. Ecstasy Essay

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Living in this crazy world of temptations, growing up has been scarred with the rebellion and curiosity of what’s out there. I must say, I’m very thankful to God that he found his way to me. With all the junk and dirt I put in my body, I thought I’d be lucky to live until 21. I’ve experimented with different substances -- extremely deadly and dangerous due to boredom, peer pressure and the harshness of reality. I’ve always been in love with marijuana. Never did anything else, just weed. However, I was exposed to ecstasy later on because of the “raving” culture on the rise. Faster than a blink of an eye, ecstasy changed my perception of life and the start of destruction and depression happened.
In the mean streets of Los Angeles, marijuana is often called, “weed”, “pot”, “grass”, “tree”, “mary jane”, and many others. The plant that makes people either unite or divide. It has always been a very controversial topic that America’s been fighting through years. Drug wars, protests and speeches were heavily announced during the high of its peak during the 1960’s. Many influential people joined and fought for what they believed was right. Unfortunately, their words and battle towards the legalization of marijuana have not quite take place just yet. On a lighter note, pro-marijuana movement are continually crusading with high hopes on their goals. Their argument of its medical purposes have been clinically proven -- yet the drug is still commonly mistaken as a very deadly and evil drug. People who suffer from anorexia, AIDS, cramp and other illnesses are now seeking for other alternatives besides the very expensive traditional drugs given to them. Police and the law take possession and being under the influence of marijuana and may be ch...

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...rea, rebellion, parents’ lack of discipline or may even be abuse. The use of drugs may give a person a temporary escape or happiness, but they will not magically solve your problems. The truth is, it makes no difference. Actually, no. The use of drugs WILL give you misery and nightmares at night. If you’re considering of using drugs and think that they will cover up your dilemmas in life, think twice because dealing with drugs is like dealing with the devil. Addiction is one thing. One’s you’re in, there’s no way of getting out, unless an epiphany happens and having support from loved ones, but most of all having a will to do stop. Marijuana and ecstasy are the two examples I’ve given, but be careful because even doctors prescribe that are highly addictive and destructive. Take only what you need from it, and make sure to know what kind of drugs you’re dealing with.

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