The Unequal Distribution Of Funds For Schools Essay

The Unequal Distribution Of Funds For Schools Essay

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Problems In Eduacation
The American system has undergone several commendable reforms in the past. However, some factors still remain wanting and in need of more aggressive action to address. The unequal distribution of funds for schools has been a practice thought to be one that suits all schools. To the contrary, this method of fund distribution has raised other pertinent issues that suggest it should be revised. There is also concern over the large student-teacher ratio at these learning institutions, which lead to very large class sizes. Education policies governing states concerning the maximum class size are common in the American K – 12 education system. The introduction of standardized release of funds to schools and the lowering of the teacher student ratios in schools, and therefore consequently reducing the class sizes across states, would greatly improve the education system in America.
Class sizes are strongly assumed to influence student learning at institutions of learning. Big classes are associated with less individualized attention to students from the teacher. This is because it becomes difficult for the teacher to get to know each pupil individually, making it hard to identify learning disabilities or even to notice that some students have special needs. Students who struggle with reading and learning do not receive the one-on-one help they require to catch up. The other extreme is also true since those who would surely benefit more with additional challenges end up suffering, on the basis that the teacher with a big class is less likely to detect exceptional learning abilities in these students. This introduces a loophole in the education system that allows for wastage of special abilities that remain untapp...

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...s in districts where the funds from the property taxes raised are high, leading to a concentration of skill and quality education at districts with low poverty levels. There is also need to reduce class sizes in American public schools which will consequently reduce the student-teacher ratio. A smaller class size has been found to ensure better and academic performance among students. A smaller sized class ensures improved discipline in the classroom as the class is easier to manage in general. There is also a rise in individualized attention paid on each student by the teacher, enabling them to identify which ones need special attention and those that are out rightly exemplary in the ability to grasp concepts. This will ensure both types of students do not suffer from not having the appropriate steps taken. This is how the education system can be improved.

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