Essay on Understanding The Experiential Learning Process

Essay on Understanding The Experiential Learning Process

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Reflection is the process of analysing an activity with a view of changing an existing approach or adopting a new perspective on an experience (Nguyen et al 2014). Boyd and Fales (1983) state “that this process is central to understanding the experiential learning process”. According to Trottier (2015) Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the procedure of an organisation gathering and examining information that is available to anyone. Web sites and applications dedicated to Social media is one of the most popular in OSINT for information generation and widespread dissemination; security and intelligence agencies can capitalise on these opportunities to covertly study, things such as terrorist group behaviour, cultural contexts and recruiting platforms (Zeng et al, 2010). The British Army employs small investigative teams throughout its headquarters that conduct an OSINT capability to deliver a similar effect (DCDC, 2014). The British Army state that learning lessons is important and that all members of the armed forces need to be involved in order to transform the field army of the future (Lessons Team, 2016). Its overarching learning processes are a holistic organisational view on the macro level with long term objectives; there is no evidence that prescripts how the smaller capabilities, such as OSINT, should learn, adapt and progress in order to advance in their specific contexts. This essay will discuss to what extent is reflective thinking important as a way of learning to British Army personnel operating in OSINT?

UK Armed Forces Joint Doctrine states Intelligence is crucial to the development of understanding, it needs practitioners agile enough to function in intricate environments stressing the need for intelligence sta...

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...n (2006b) as a superficial level more than likely sub-consciously. If a deeper more meaningful reflective learning approach were to be adopted it would enable continuous self-development, aid towards change (Allen and Lewis, 2001) and improve the OSINT capability in line with any technological or sociological changes even in lieu of any governance provided by the British Army in this specific field. Although there could be negative consequences that could come to fruition from implementing reflective learning to OSINT personnel, all the research suggests that if done properly these effects will have a lesser impact compared to the benefits that reflection will yield. Considering all of this, OSINT personnel need to increase the extent with which they currently regard reflective thinking as a way of learning with more importance because as it stands, it is not enough.

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