Technology Now

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Technology is constantly advancing in the world. With the constant usage of it everything we do changes in the world. Shifting up the games of society, making its labors and other work easier than ever. Transforming the ways of information sharing, conversation, and interaction in general. Various technologies are now a big part of most of the people of the world’s everyday lives and are incredibly supportive to the general public and government alike. They are extremely advantageous due to the constant upgrading of the various tools they provide us with everyday. Some feel the human race has lost a certain survival instinct, or organic strength due to our new pushes in technology, but one could argue that they actually strengthen the masses making people using this equipment more knowledgeable than ever before. The proof is witnessed by multiple people every day with the growing application of the many tools given to them. The surge in know-how shows. Things like communication were once strictly possible to things such as writing letters and waiting multiple days for your message to be delivered. At this moment one could relay a message here and now and have it sent to their partner in no time flat. Growths in technological communication have generated more ways of instant communication possible. Things like Facebook, e-mail, text messages, faxes, and cell phones are proof that these advancements are helping us for the better. While these programs do mostly help there are downsides, such as information overload and interactions with total strangers from another part of the world wide information highway. Even with these drawbacks these various ways of communication have re-shaped the way we relay information with friends, family... ... middle of paper ... ...f interest. Along with this is the most obvious observation, the use of technology to keep the patient comfortable and keep the processes as painless as possible. Technology also helps make the doctor’s job easier by making the keeping of files much simpler with an online database being used at most hospitals and doctor’s offices. These online databases can keep millions-upon-millions of files of information on patients, this helps the doctors learn about how to treat the patients quickly and more effectively. Not only does it help the doctors themselves but it also helps the patients on a more personal level. The many healthcare sites on the internet help inform many on health related questions providing a vast sea of information to whomever wishes to search for it. Along with this it allows future doctors to find information on how to pursue their aspiring career.
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