Understanding The Concept Of Healthy Cities Movement Essay

Understanding The Concept Of Healthy Cities Movement Essay

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World Health Organization [WHO] (n.d.) defines health policy as “decisions, plans, and actions that are undertaken to achieve specific health care goals within a society”. It promotes the society to move forward to Healthy Cities, ensuring that everyone in the community receives the care they need. This concept is closely connected to social justice, which I wrote about in the first journal. Social justice is aimed to build the common ground for all individuals no matter what they do and where they are from. It can be said that the social justice illustrates a broad meaning, and Healthy Policy is a critical part in achieving social justice. This journal is to explore the concept of Healthy Cities movement which goes together with Health Policy and the role of Community Health Nurses (CHN) in establishing Healthy Cities. The contents of this paper include what I learned in a community meeting, Los Amigos in Anaheim and how I apply the learning in my personal and professional growth.
Healthy Cities is a global project established by WHO. It is a long-term development plan to build healthier places for people to live in. The difference of Healthy Cities project from other town planning is that the Healthy Cities focus on human health. Therefore, its goal is to create a health-supportive environment which offers the best opportunity for people now and in the future to enjoy good quality of life (Barton & Grant, 2013). Healthy Cities requires political approach and innovative action. A local government has the role in engaging the residents in decision-making and political commitment, and by working together, they contribute to institutional change for better health. Each individual’s opinion is highly valued for success in establis...

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.... Therefore, as I stated earlier, it is crucial to listen to them first and then we fight for their needs. They are the perfect source to get the idea where to start in working for the community.
This is toward the end of summer school. As I learn and practice CHN roles in school and the senior center, the concept and the responsibilities of a CHN is getting clearer to me. Before I take this class, Community Health, my vision was very narrow. My nursing world evolved only in acute setting, and I thought my responsibilities as a nurse were mostly taking care for individual patients who have present illnesses. This is only partially true. As a nurse, I can do a lot more than that. Now, I can see beyond individual patients and the field of acute care nursing, PHN participates in a higher level of care that results in achieving the best outcomes for the whole population.

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