Essay on Understanding Islam Is On Islam

Essay on Understanding Islam Is On Islam

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Topic: Understanding Islam is about anything understanding Islam wise
Modern man wants to understand everything. He has reached beneath earth as well as explored skies above the sky. His thrust of understanding is not limited. It includes everything which needs to be understood. Islam is the most preaching religion of world at present. Therefore, Efforts are being made to have better understanding of Islam. Consequently, In order to understand Islam one has to understand everything Islam wise.
Origin and understanding of Islam:
Understanding of Islam and origin of Islam are interrelated with each other. The history of Islam covers about the religion of Islam and his followers known as Muslims. The commencement of Islam was from Arab. The tribe of Quresh was in power to whom our beloved prophet Muhammad (PUBH) belonged. Muhammad (saw) belonged to the clan of Quresh who were the guardians of Makkah. Islam preceded when the revelation came to holy prophet (PBUH) by the angel Gabriel in 610. The rise of Islam was gradually increased specially in 628 when treaty of hudabiya was signed. It was the beginning of peace. History elucidates in 630 Muslims conquered Makkah, later on few battles were fought such as battle of Badr, battle of Yarmook, battle of khandaq all were conflicted during the period of Holy prophet (PBUH) and under the adjure of Muhammad (SAW). Islam rose during the Muhammad (saw) era which later was flourished by caliphates. All four caliphates worked on progressing Islam. Hazrat Abu bakr and Hazrat Umar guided Islam till their last breath so Hazrat Ali and Usman. later on uleya karam assisted in progressing Islam specially in sub-continent.
The understanding of Islam is really imperative. It ...

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...more valid and momentous after the quran. Like quran, it is complete way of life. It guides you best principles and concept of life. Some hadith are referred to as recommendations and some are compulsory to follow. Hadith was gathered during the golden time of prophet (PBUH) which incorporated two parts, a chain of narrators who is reporting hadith. Hadith is one major component of understanding Islam by islamwise. Allah is the creator and the Islam emphasizes on two things which are responsibilities and pillar of Islam. The duties and obligations of one’s family, the responsibilities of neighbors, the duties of whole mankind. The five pillar of Islam are important for understanding Islam. First is to worship none other then ALLAH and to believe Muhammad is the last prophet of allah. Pray five time a day with purity and cleanliness. Pay Zakat and keep fast in the holy

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