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Understanding God 's Design Of The Temple Essays

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“Therefore, by understanding God’s design of the Temple as His way of taking us on an odyssey to connect, equip, and transform, we grow in our intimacy with the person and mission of Jesus and discover how we too might temple the spirit.”
God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. All three apart of the holy trinity that reside in heaven and on earth. However, the holy trinity does not reside on earth as beings of their own body, rather they reside in us as God’s people. When one resides inside of you then all of them reside in you. “Your body is a temple of the holy spirit.” (1 Corinthians 6:19)
Us as Christians harbor the holy trinity within us. Making our bodies out to be the residing place of God once we accept him into our lives. Although we accept Christ into our hearts and souls, our temple does not instantly become perfect, according to the praxis chapter in “Lightning in a bottle.” Like a few Christians who haven 't been with Christ all their lives, before salvation their body, soul, and spirit are all dead in sin. Causing all aspects of these three fractions to be dark with no light of Jesus. But, for me as a person who has been with Christ all her life it really has opened my eyes on how to temple Jesus the more proper way through my walk.
Being under attack of the enemy has taught me that wherever he attacks does not attack where the holy spirit resides. Instead it is where the holy spirit does not reside, which is in the body and soul if there is any stronghold left after salvation. Seeing that it opened my eyes to realize that feeding into the lies of the enemy was me doing just that, letting him have a stronghold on me through whatever I am struggling with. During these times I refused to forgive the people who had done me wr...

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... body of the Father himself. The word helps us not to stumble on our spiritual journey with God nor does it leave us to starve in wanting to learn more of God’s will for his people. Reading the word is also another gateway in order to hear the Lord’s voice in what we do. With every story within the bible comes a lesson that carries the voice of God within it. Helping us to transform spiritually to be more like him within our time on earth.
Not only did the word help me transform spiritually and to not starve from hearing God. The word reminded me of all of God’s good ways and to always keep my hope and faith in him. All his promises to his people are located within these scriptures, God speaks to us even in the present day reminding us he is always there. Through the rough times and through the bad ones. Through our dark days and through our days in his righteousness.

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