Analysis Of Church History In Plain Language By Bruce L. Shelley

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Church History in Plain Language is written by Bruce L. Shelley. This work focuses on the history of Christianity from 6 B.C. to the current period. It covers some of Christianity’s greatest events, theologians, and the various subsection of Christianity. Other than the events leading up to the death of Jesus, I had very little knowledge of Christianity’s history. After reading through the book, I have gained understanding on the Christian Councils, scholasticism, Christendom, and modern trends of Christianity.
One of the earliest trends in Christianity was the need for Councils to settle disagreements on the religion. There have been many times where Christians had disagreements on what to consider as the base concepts of Christianity. Some
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I’ve met many people who say they’re Christians but don’t really exhibit the Christian attitude. They don’t try to have a loving or patient attitude or try to spread God’s word to others. There are some who also don’t go to church. Personally, I think some of these trends have reasons. Some of the “non-dedicated” Christians may still be learning how to properly communicate God’s word. Also, attending church is not required. Faith in God is what truly makes one a Christian. There may be some people who don’t have true faith in God, but, as I said before, we should force feed God onto them. If they truly desire God, then God will go to them. Overall, I thought that Church History in Plain Language was good book to read if you want to learn on Christianity’s history. I now have knowledge on the Christian Councils, Scholasticism, Christendom, and an idea on what modern trends of Christianity are. Reading this book has shown me how Christianity has grown throughout the ages, as well as the mistakes some of it proponents have made. The history of the church is far from over. Christianity may stumble in the future, but there will always be people who will have faith in
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