Essay on Unbridled Technology

Essay on Unbridled Technology

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Unbridled technology
There is no doubt that technology has advanced tremendously in the last half-century. Technology has provided extraordinary improvements to our world; being an endless source of entertainment and nonstop communication anywhere at any time. But are these technological advancements a good thing? The youth of today are constantly immersed in these technological advancements whether through cell phones, gaming systems, or laptops. As technology continues to advance it is negatively affecting our health, communication skills, and the education of youth.
Technology has indeed made a tremendous impact to society; health problems caused by modern technology have evolved into an important problem, especially among teenagers. Adolescents pay a high price for depending on social networks, computer games and TV. The more time people are spending consumed in video games, using computers and talking to friends online the less time they spend being active. Spending hours and hours in front of the screen, can quickly contribute to a serious decrease in the amount of physical activity someone gets during the day. Technological innovations, more processed foods, a greater amount of 'screen time,' less exercise, and higher consumption of snack foods have all played a role in the increase in obesity. Technology has encouraged an inactive lifestyle. Humans have begun to fall into the trance of a sluggish lifestyle; working, eating, watching TV, and sleeping. No wonder depression, low self esteems, anxiety and feelings of isolation have arisen. Technology creates the perfect recipe for depression with the lack of human contact, overeating and lack of exercise. Excessive technology use can lead to feelings of iso...

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