Ufos And Extraterrestrial Life : The Possibilities Of Their Existence Essay

Ufos And Extraterrestrial Life : The Possibilities Of Their Existence Essay

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UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life: The Possibilities of Their Existence
Throughout time, many stories and theories have been established by mankind to explain and understand the mysteries of the world. Among them, the idea that intelligent extraterrestrial life is one of the causes of these mysteries is a controversy still under debate. Many religions and traditions around the world have acknowledged other-worldly forces and “divine” beings arriving from the sky. In recent times, numerous sighting of unidentified objects, also known as UFOs, and aliens have been recorded and even documented possibly on planets other than Earth. Along with these strange observations are also scientifically unanswered abnormalities that have shifted the public opinion to believe in the existence of space inhabitants. However, the question still lies between faith and fact – are aliens and UFOs real? Studies and researches done in the past and the present-day leans towards the possibility that these claims are, in fact, real.
“Divine” Beings in History
Since the beginning of mankind, tall tales and folklore filled with “mythical” creatures provided entertaining answers to unanswered questions. Most of the population back then believed in these stories and also the possibility of life other than our own (Arvey 46). Furthermore, researchers and historians continue to find parallel patterns in amidst these ancient fables, especially when it comes to objects or creatures coming from the sky (Vallee 1). Documents note them as emitting “divine light”, and mentions of “celestial chariots” used by “visitors” to fly through the sky appear in the bible (10). Erich Von Daniken, in his book Chariots of the Gods, believes that Gods and ethereal beings in religion...

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... of evidence in this minuscule part of the vast universe we call “home”?
In the end, the decision to or not to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life depends whether one accepts or denies in the evidence linking aliens and Earth. Every discovered culture has stories of beings arriving from the sky, and traces of life mimicking ours has been found on Mars. So many mysteries have been linked to sighting of unnatural objects and foreign bodies that science is still attempting to figure out. Moreover, as our technology continues to advance, the world steps closer to the conclusion that life exists beyond our planet. It can be summarized thus that eventually, aliens will be found in the infinite unknowns of the galaxy and therefore, mankind should question how to reaction to encounters with extraterrestrial civilizations instead of questioning their existence.

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