Tyson Foods: How Safe is That Chicken? Essay

Tyson Foods: How Safe is That Chicken? Essay

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Tyson Foods has entered millions of homes in America and is seen as a convenient, healthy form of sustenance. This company portrays itself as a family company, that provides safe food for a growing world population; however, it is in fact contaminated and filled with deceit, deception, and fraudulence. Tyson vocalizes that it has the consumer’s best interest in mind, meanwhile its sole interest is its revenue. It manufactures second-rate chicken byproducts and disguises it as a healthy choice for families. It has been discovered that Tyson distributes contaminated foods, injects its products with antibiotics, and abuses its livestock; thus, society needs to prohibit such rancid foods from entering its homes and being fed to its children, and to put an end to the corrupt company’s empirical power.
According to Tyson Foods, Tyson was established in the 1930s during the Great Depression by John W. Tyson. He began hand-delivering chicken to make a living. During World War II, the demands of poultry grew, and as a result Tyson Foods prospered by feeding off the immense wartime demands. The company was passed down from father to son, rustled its way to becoming a diverse food company, and reached prodigious growth in the 1980s. Tyson has maintained a familial lineage within its company and along with its historic ties and donations to hunger and disaster reliefs, has gained great support throughout the years. Due to such support, Tyson foods can be seen all around. Tyson manufactures a plethora of fresh, frozen, and canned meats and families across the globe have become familiar with products such as Tyson Any’tizers, which are commonly served as hors d’oeuvres at parties or even as an after school snack. Other products...

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