Essay about Types Of Water Jet Cutting

Essay about Types Of Water Jet Cutting

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Water Jet Cutting

It is common practice to shape the world around us. By utilizing manufacturing processes we employ machines and raw materials to form final products and apply them to our surroundings. These applications are anything that changes a once stock or raw material into a usable item intended for a specified purpose. Manufacturing processes for example are things such as heat treating, machining, bending, grinding and cutting of the initial product. One kind of machine that is important to industry is called a waterjet. More specifically, a waterjet cutter is to be focused on in this article. The previously mentioned tool is aided to the cutting processes of manufacturing within special circumstances.
Waterjet is a generic term used to describe equipment that uses a high pressure stream of water for cutting or cleaning purposes. Waterjet is a type of machinery that separates into two categories of pure waterjet and abrasivejet. Pure waterjet and water-only cutting are phrases for specifically distinguishing waterjets that only uses water and no additives. Abrasivejet is a subcategory of waterjet in which abrasive materials are introduced to accelerate the process. However, these liquids do not do all the work on their own.
Waterjets work in quite a simple manner. The basic idea is the liquid of either type is pressurized and pumped through a system. Thereafter, it is forced it through a very small hole otherwise known as a nozzle opening. At this point, if the jet only contains pure water it is obviously considered a pure waterjet cutting device. Mix the water with an abrasive substance and you have a very thin stream, traveling very fast, that will rapidly erode most materials. Otherwise known as an abrasivejet cutt...

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...iece makes on others.


As it has been stated waterjets are a versatile and innovative tool. This paper hopefully clarified the ability and general uses of what a waterjet cutter can do. These attributes were explained to the fullest extent that was needed to be provided to understand the uses of this machine. As well as how these attributes affect industries that currently uses the tool and those that could benefit from its use. To review, waterjet cutting is a simple manufacturing process that aid in the creation of many finalized products through the pressurized spray of pure water or a water and abrasive mixture. The wide range of uses is only equal to the number of industries it can be used in. Furthermore, once in those industries the quality of final products are only effected by the operator or customers’ skill and imagination for problem solving.

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