Product Review for Folding Hunter Lock- Back Knife

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Buck Knives 110-9210 Folding Hunter Lock-Back Knife

The Buck Knives Hunter folding knife is a very simple pocket knife for everyday use and outdoor activities such as hunting. The single stainless steel blade measures out at 3 3/4 inches long, making it fitting for fans of medium-sized knives. The implementation of stainless steel allows the blade to last for years with everyday wear and tear and even rough conditions outdoors. The blade for this particular knife is a straight-edge which is great for common uses such as self-defense and everyday cutting purposes.

The handle is made up of a combination of wood and brass to make for a sleek design and a comfortable feeling while holding it.

For a point, we have the popular clip-point design. This allows for great precision and control as well as great slicing and piercing ability.

On the negative side, the handle is noted as being somewhat big and weighty, making it slightly annoying to carry around on an everyday basis and wield. The bulkiness and weight also make it a poor choice for a pocket knife, but the knife does come with its own sheath to make up for it.

Since the handle is made of brass and smoothed wood, it's also not very easy to grip. This could be a hindrance in self-defense situations, and it could be a safety issue when using the knife for rough cuts or prying.

The stainless steel blade is durable, but it will dull fairly quickly. This is especially true for people who wish to take advantage of the accuracy of the clip point for use in carving or anyone using the knife for hunting purposes.

The straight-edge blade will be useful for many purposes both in everyday occurrences and outdoor use, but the lack of a sawing ability makes it less useful ...

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...grip seems to hold a much better grip in wet conditions than traditional textured grips.

There really only seems to be one downside to this knife and that's the initial sharpness. These knives have a tendency to come out of the package terribly dull, which means they may need an immediate sharpening before using it or carrying it around. While regular sharpening isn't a complete surprise for stainless steel blades, a good knife should always be sharp right out of the package for instant use.

This issue is made even more problematic since the S30V steel used in the blade is fairly difficult to sharpen since it's made to be stronger and more durable than other types of stainless steel. However, this particular downside can be taken with a grain of salt since you are getting a stronger and tougher blade in exchange for some extra time and patience with a sharpener.

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