The Turkish Culture Is Like No Other Essay

The Turkish Culture Is Like No Other Essay

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Envision yourself wandering down roads, with the pleasant aroma of fresh exotic spices lingering in the air. You see individuals native to this area, complete strangers, waving towards you, and saying a welcoming greeting. You have found yourself in the outstanding country of Turkey.
The Turkish culture is one like no other. Circa three fourths of Turkey’s inhabitants are actually Turkish. Roughly 18% are Kurdish, and the remaining 7% belongs to small clusters (such as the Armenian). The Kurdish people are an ethnic group in Western Asia and Turkey. The Kurds are the fourth largest ethnicity in this area. The three largest ethnic groups in Western Asia are the Turks, the Persians, and the Arabs.
Turkey’s population is at 80,694,485 people. The population development rate is 1.16 and 71% of the population lives in urban and metropolitan areas. The land mass of Turkey is barely larger than that of Texas, America’s second largest state. There is a total land mass of 783,562 km2 in Turkey.
The official language of Turkey is… You guessed it! Turkish! The Turkish language has similar traits to the languages of its bordering nations. The language has a total of 29 letters, 8 of which are vowels. This provides ease when travelling throughout countries. Several pieces of the Turkish language have been derived from Latin. This is called cultural borrowing. Because there are numerous Kurdish citizens in Turkey, Kurdish is also a widespread language. English is the most used foreign language, and it is required for pupils to learn in secondary schools. Some high schools and colleges teach in English.
99% of Turkey is Muslim. In Turkey, people have freedom of religion. Muslims believe, pray, and worship one God, Allah. Similar to how Ch...

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