Essay on Trouble at City Zoo Case Study

Essay on Trouble at City Zoo Case Study

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Executive Summary 2
Introduction 3
Inventory of facts/findings 3
Organization’s Background 4
Statement of Problems 5
Analysis of Causes 6
Theory Application 8
Proposed Solution(s) 9
Recommendations/Suggestions for Future 13
Conclusion 15
Works cited 16
Team Charter 17
Swot, Mind map, Rational Decision Making Model and Brainstorm 20

Executive Summary

This paper reviews and analyzes three main issues with the first one being leadership. Other sub-issues involve lack of vision, coercive leadership style, using taxpayer’s money for personal benefit and irresponsible top management. The organizational structure, mixed communication, and no clear indication to who to report to is the second. The third being communication, this paper tackles lack of the ability to speak about the actual problems in fear of being ostracized; if you’re not with us; you’re against us. We suggest a solution based on our SWOT analysis, star bursting, brainstorm, mind map, and rational decision making tool. With the use of these five tools we hope to help solve the problem at hand by making the city zoo a more engaging and dynamic experience for both employees and the public.
These three issues: leadership, organizational structure and communication are further explored in relation to the city zoo case study. We are of the opinion that by restructuring leadership and providing proper training, organizational structure and communication will follow through.


Our consulting team No-Va is going to guide you through the problems of “Trouble at City Zoo” and examine the real issues that ended with the firing of the Head Veterinarian and the resignations of the Executive Director / Chief Executive Off...

... middle of paper ...

...Ann Arbor, 1959

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