Serving the Public and the Animals

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Serving the Public and the Animals

From childhood, most of us have fond memories of going to the zoo. We were entertained by the variety of animals that we were not able to see on a regular basis. Visitors of a zoo get to see exotic, and local animals of that area. Going to a zoo gives children and adults a chance to learn about different animals. Certain zoos also promote the conservation of endangered species. To people of all ages, zoos are just plain fun. This essay will support the operation of zoos based on their entertainment and educational value, and their ability to save some species from extinction.

Most zoos, depending on the location, house animals from all over the world. Each zoo needs to be in a place where local animals, as well as exotic, can survive and live comfortably. That’s one of the main reasons why people go to zoos. Visitors are able to view unique animals through glass, and see how they might act in the wild. The Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Arizona, features primates, big cats, birds, and reptiles. It also features large mammals like hippos, giraffes, and bears. They have recently built a new part of the zoo that houses panthers, sloths, and exotic birds. The Wildlife Zoo in Phoenix, Arizona takes care of hundreds of wild animals, with even more variety than the Reid Park Zoo. These zoos have special activities for children and adults that involve awareness and education of every species. There are also zoo employees who walk around with small animals and snakes that can be petted and held by zoo visitors.

Zoos are a popular place to bring students for a field trip. Besides the entertainment value, children can learn about the different animals of the world and see how ea...

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...d their viewers. There are so many benefits from having zoos. They give many gifts to the viewers and the captive animals. They aid in conservation, education, and entertainment. Without zoos, humans would not know enough about animals to treat their diseases, or to help wild animals with injuries. Many people would go without knowledge of the world’s different animal species. Several species would have seen extinction already. Zoos are a highly valuable commodity that should not be terminated.

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