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Zoos, there are more than 10,000 in the world and more than 700 million people visit them annually each year (AZA). Some people go for entertainment, some go for work, and some go for studies. These facilities are normally owned by government, cities, or privately owned. Zoos are able to exist because of taxpayers, grants, funds, and annual visitors that come to zoos. One question has been lingering around about zoos though do they really benefit animals or are they human entertainment? This report will examine the effects of zoos on animals, on employment, and on the economy. Effects and Laws on Animals Zoos have an enormous impact on animals. A few researchers say zoos are a safe haven for animals, a place where they can be rehabilitated safely and be released. The American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA) says that in their 230 appointed zoos that there are almost 1,000 endangered animals that they are helping to raise and release. Pam Dennis, Assistant professor in the department of veterinary preventive medicine at…show more content…
To find out information about a species and the way it lives scientists such as biologists and zoologists can observe the animal first hand. Dr. Linda Penfold researcher at the White Oak Conservation Center said that she relies on the zoo and aquarium staff and researches to teach her on the behavior of specific species, among having twenty-five years of education herself. That being said zoos help researchers learn more then they knew before on the breed and also helping new generations in new studies. With research scientists get from animals they can not only improve animal's health but humans health as well. Research can help us detect disease as well as cure them. AZA educates more than 51 million students every year and educate even more visitors. Providing assistance for a good education, zoos are a educational

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