Treatment of Skeletal Muscle Injury Essay

Treatment of Skeletal Muscle Injury Essay

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Skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscles play a vital role in the everyday processes that allow the human body to function. Without these muscles, everyday tasks and functions could not be conducted. Injury to these muscles could cause serious problems, however, these muscles have the ability to regenerate, repair, and fix multiple problems all by themselves. Repair and regeneration of a muscle are two similar, yet different things. Repair restores muscle continuity so that it can continue to function in the same way as before injury, but does not completely restore the pre-injury structure like regeneration (Huijbregts, 2001). Muscle repair and regeneration take place after an injury, after surgery, after atrophy, and even after working out.
Repair after a muscle is damaged happens through the division of certain cells who then fuse to existing, undamaged muscle fibers to correct the damage. Different muscle types take different amounts of time to heal and regenerate after it has been damaged. Smooth muscle cells can regenerate with the greatest capacity due to their ability to divide and create many more cells to help out. While cardiac muscle cells hardly regenerate at all due to the lack of specialized cells that aid in repair and regeneration. In skeletal muscle, satellite cells aid in helping restoration after injury. Along with muscles, tendons are very important structures within the human body, and they to can be damaged. However, tendon repair involves fibroblast cells cross-linking collagen fibers that aid in not only reinforcing structural support, but also mechanical support as well (“Understanding Tendon Injury,” 2005). While quite different from muscle repair, tendon repair involves the similarity of reestablishing d...

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