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In the past decade, the demand of performance from elite athletes has risen drastically. This demand brought about more injuries, in turn increasing the demand for quicker recovery times from surgery or from an acute injury in these top athletes. Doctors have discovered what they believe to be a helpful solution to the problem, Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections (PRP). These injections are to be administered directly into an athlete’s injured tendon. PRP is a process that essentially separates your blood through bone marrow, leaving part of it extremely strong. However, the reasons for the strength are due to it coming from the patient’s stem cells, bringing non positive attention to this new age treatment. Because this stronger, platelet-rich plasma contains your own IGF-1, which is a growth factor that helps you heal. The platelet-rich portion of the blood can be injected back into the body directly at the site of the injury, with the intent of a faster recovery time. What is to be determined is if the PRP injections work well enough to become a standard treatment method and if this treatment is morally acceptable.

Tendon disorders and injuries comprise 30% to 50% of all activity-related injuries; chronic degenerative tendon disorders (tendinopathy) occur frequently and are difficult to treat (Vos 144). What PRP does is release the growth factor into the degenerative tendons while intentionally inflaming your muscles and tendons, to encourage healing. In an experiment conducted by Doctor Vos and his colleagues, they examined whether a PRP injection would actually improve the outcome in chronic mid-portion Achilles tendinopathy. The control group was given a placebo while the others were given the PRP injections. At the conclusio...

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