The Transformation Of Puberty For The Sexual Impulses Don 't Appear Until Puberty

The Transformation Of Puberty For The Sexual Impulses Don 't Appear Until Puberty

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The transformation of puberty for the sexual impulses don’t appear until puberty hits and Freud indicated that we have sexual pleasure the moment of birth. The beginning of puberty sets in changes that have been hidden since the infantile sexuality. The idea of knowing that puberty hits the mind and body become untenable because of the indirect connect that finally can be released and grasp with out holding back. Neurosis is a big conflict when it comes to the biological drive, because something that dominates the personality is the feeling’s of anxiety, obsessional thoughts, compulsive behavior which connect to the pleasure that puberty lefts be provoked.
The idea of seeing someone have sex doesn’t arouse me but it rather interests me, to look and observe. I’ve experienced the same dream since I was 6 years old, exact details and things, for 16 years. As years passed I put an emphasis on the trauma that terrorized me, the thought I may have been raped disgusted me. My one goal in life was to wait to get married and then have sex but I needed to find out if I was rapped when I was y...

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