Training as the most important aspect of successful employment Essay

Training as the most important aspect of successful employment Essay

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Training requirements
Change Management
An organization generally has two ways to raise the level of individual performance: by increasing motivation, the desire of each person to do his or her job well, and by increasing individual capability, which is where training comes in. Training is undoubtedly the most important aspect of a successful deployment. Training provides employees the information and practice they will need to perform their duties effectively, accurately, and professionally. This guidance is essential to provide employees with the correct information as well as the confidence to participate fully.
As a part of the development plan for the employee training around the Telemedicine implementation, Capstone Health Consultants is recommending that one of Utopia Medical Center initial steps is to perform an evaluation of how change is managed with their organization and the outlying clinics. Change, by definition, means replacing the past with the future, hopefully with some benefit in mind. Unfortunately, not everyone sees or understands the benefits of the changes or improvements an organization may want to create. At times, there is a certain amount of inertia in any setting -- built in resisting forces to any change or significant disturbance of the status quo. (Andrews 2010) The ability to predict what the barriers are to change in a specific situation is a necessary part of planned change. By taking special measures to resolve, eliminate, or weaken these barriers, organizations can make things happen more rapidly, smoothly, and with less trauma for their employees. (Andrews 2010)
Leaders should expect some resistance to management induced changes. Albrecht describes the “nose-dive” syndrome as one a...

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...ted with performance on more than 1 measure. No capabilities were associated with performance on depression care or overuse.Limitation: Structural capabilities of primary care practices were assessed by physician survey.Conclusion: Among the investigated structural capabilities of primary care practices, electronic health records were associated with higher performance across multiple HEDIS measures. Overall, the modest magnitude and limited number of associations between structural capabilities and clinical performance suggest the importance of continuing to measure the processes and outcomes of care for patients.Primary Funding Source: The Commonwealth Fund.

Lipscomb, J. P. Y., K Robin PhD ; Brown, Martin L. PhD ; Lawrence, William MD, MS ; Barnett, Paul G. PhD (2009). "Health Care Costing: Data, Methods, Current Applications." Medical Care 47(7): S1-S6.

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