Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management

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Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management
Total quality management (TQM) can be the deciding factor on whether a business is going to be successful or not successful depending on the employees and staff that are working in the organization that is implementing this type of management style. In this paper TQM will be defined, along with a description of the impact of globalization on quality, different management styles will be compared, and how TQM applies or should apply to my organization.
Total Quality Management
TQM can be defined as an approach to quality assurance that emphasizes a thorough understanding by all members of a production unit of the needs and desires of the ultimate service recipients, a viewpoint of wishing to provide service to internal, intermediate service recipients in the chain of service, and a knowledge of how to use specific data-related techniques to assess and improve the quality of their own and the team’s outputs (The Quality Assurance Project, 2007). Another way to look at defining TQM would be when the company and the employees focus more on the quality of the product that the company is producing and the need of the customer than numbers each month, quality versus quantity.
The impact of globalization on quality is going to be dependant on the organization. If the organization is not set up for TQM and the company decides to take on business globally the impact of globalization on quality can have a negative effect. Globalization can be extremely demanding on any organization and without have the proper plan and management style in place it could create long-term irreversible problems. By running a business strictly on the traditional management style and not incorporating TQM the quality of the service or product may suffer causing a loss in profit or even closing the company down all together.
If a company has implemented TQM as part of the organization’s strategic plan for success when doing business globally it could have a positive outcome when it comes to looking at the overall quality of the product or service for the customer. If the quality of the product is good it can create repeat business and additional business that the company may not have had before as long as if fits the requirements of the customer. The success of a company can lie solely on the quality of the product good or bad it can affect the outcome.

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Contrast Management Styles
Traditional management styles generally focus on command and control structure. People are expected to check their brains at the door and do as they are instructed (University of Phoenix, 2007). Not focusing on the customer and the needs of the customer but creating a product overall based on need and not on the customer and what they require. This type of management style primarily drills in on the internal quality of the product and not the customer, which in turn can create problems with the employees because the company is focused more on putting the product out and the numbers that it generates. By not including the employee in the process of better quality it can cause the employees to rebel and it can effect the product overall which can generate a loss in sales or profit.
Quality-focused management styles must encompass the entire company and the company must be willing to work together to apply the TQM process. It will focus on employee involvement, and employees are encouraged to be creative and share ideas (University of Phoenix, 2007). Many of the projects that are worked on are a group effort or a collaboration of different ideas from employees within the company. A quality-focused style of management also focuses on understanding the requirements of its customers and then works to flawlessly satisfy these requirements (University of Phoenix, 2007).
Compare Management Styles
When comparing the two management styles traditional and quality-focused style of management it is difficult to see any comparisons at all because of the many differences however the main similarity that both styles have is that they both want to make sure that a quality product is produced how each style gets there is completely different.
TQM and the Organization
TQM was non-existent at my previous organization. The company was run on numbers and how to attain those numbers but the organization did not take into account that the employees needed to have involvement in the decision processes and that the employees ideas needed to be recognized because the employees were the ones that were on the front lines representing the company product. The employees did not feel that the product was quality and therefore did not represent it as a quality product. The company still continues to make money however the company could be even more successful if the employees were included and not just pushed to meet the numbers that the company has demanded they reach.

In conclusion total quality management is a far better choice for an organization to place into effect within the company. TQM has effectively helped create a happier work environment and encourages input from the employees. It encourages teamwork, which in turn creates a better overall product, or service, by doing this it generates more revenue for the company because the employees want to focus on the needs of the customer and what the customer requires.

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