Is the World Wide Web Causing a World Wide Woe?

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Many people view the internet as the World Wide Web, connecting the population together and sharing information on a global scale. However, others look at it as a grotesque web that is entangling humanity with unintelligence. Whether positive or negative, it is indubitable that in the past years, society has become extremely reliant upon the internet. Every day, millions of people around the world use the internet for many different purposes: commerce, communication, social networking, work, education, entertainment, and more. Because the internet is used on a daily basis while providing graphic stimulation and frequent distractions, certain individuals are starting to believe that it can change the way people think. Indeed, “China and South Korea have declared ‘Internet addiction’ a primary public health concern” (Greenblatt) to their citizens. Conversely, the internet has been regarded as the best “technological change since the advent of the printing press” (Greenblatt) due to how useful it can be.

The usefulness of the internet is shown by its vast amount of information. Google estimates the internet to have nearly five million terabytes of information, which is 5 trillion megabytes, and the human brain is predicted to be able to hold five terabytes on average, therefore it would take one million human brains to hold all of the internet’s data (Koning). Similarly, 40 Blu-Ray discs can store approximately one terabyte of info, so 200 million Blu-Ray discs could contain the internet (Koning). On average, 247 billion emails are sent every day and teenagers spend close to 31 hours online and four hours doing homework per week (Koning). Of those 31 hours, two hours are spent on YouTube, where 24 hours worth of videos ar...

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...ychological issues, and a decrease in traditional forms of interpersonal relationships. Furthermore, forms of cheating are escalating as web technology develops. Moreover, one thing about the internet is utterly definite: It has gone global and will remain a worldwide web.

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