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  • Somerset Maugham

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    Somerset Maugham Somerset Maugham was born on January 25, 1874 in Paris where his father was the solicitor to the British Embassy. However, he was orphaned at the age of ten and lived with his uncle, the vicar of Whitstable, in England. Maugham was educated in England studying literature and philosophy at Heidelberg University. In 1897 he qualified as a surgeon from St. Thomas’ medical school and practiced for a year in the slums of London. However, he abandoned medicine after the success of

  • Somerset Maugham's The Luncheon

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    The text I'm going to analyse represents a short-story, entitled "THE LUNCHEON", written by a prominent, English novelist, short-story writer, playwright and essayist Somerset Maugham. First of all I'd like to say some words about the title of the text "The Luncheon". The title of the text is rather ironical. If we consult a dictionary, we can find out that the word "luncheon" means a "light snack", but as we can see hereinafter a light snack turns to be an abundant and expensive meal. The text

  • Mr. W. Somerset Maugham's Mr. Know-All

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    our self indulged lives we don’t take a moment to step back and look deeply at the true characters of the people around us. Instead we are happier with making our unsupported judgments on people and continuing to go about our own concerns. Mr. W. Somerset Maugham wrote a story called, Mr. Know-All, that shows us how we too often tend to act judgmental towards others, but later when we pause and take a closer look, we may find that they are truly greater in character than we are. The story starts with

  • Of Human Bondage By William Somerset Maugham Summary

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    William Somerset Maugham By looking at Of Human Bondage, one can see that William Somerset Maugham included themes of relationships and life patterns because they played a major role in his life. He took his life experiences and put them into his books. This made him very successful, but he still seemed to have trouble finding his place in society. Both Maugham and his characters had personal struggles with family and themselves and that is what makes his books so good for all ages of readers to

  • The Bondage of Philip Carey in W. Somerset Maugham’s Of Human Bondage

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    of an abusive spouse or of a deceased loved one, for example, can now walk out of the cold, dark dungeon into the light, ready to start the first day of the rest of his life. One literary character achieves this freedom. In Of Human Bondage, W. Somerset Maugham portrays, through the main character of Philip Carey, spiritual and sexual bonds that are ultimately broken. Carey’s only spiritual bondage comes from perhaps the biggest and most widely known religion of all time: Christianity. After his

  • Arthur Clarke

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    Arthur C. Clarke was born in 1917 in Minehead, Somerset. His mother was Nora Clarke and his father was Charles Wright Clarke. He had two brothers, Frederick and Michael and one sister, Mary. There were many events that helped to shape him and his writing style. The first major event in his early life was his first plane ride. He went on a Avro 504 biplane with his mother in 1927, this ride remained in his mind forever, and as he progressed as a writer it fueled his science fiction from jet-planes

  • Paper

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    to a rapid increase in other mechanical developments and improvements.The change-over to new technologies was, however, gradual. A few mills using the old hand-made methods continued to function until relatively recently. One mill, Wookey Hole in Somerset, still operates on a small scale but this is largely for tourist purposes. This is slightly counterbalanced by one or two new hand-operated mills that have opened in recent years.The scarcity of paper-making materials had been a problem from th.

  • William Blake

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    poetry. On 4 August 1772, Blake became apprenticed to engraver James Basire of Great Queen Street, for the term of seven years. At the age of 21, he was to become a professional engraver. In 1778, Blake became a student at the Royal Academy in Old Somerset House, near the Strand. While the terms of his study required no payment, he was expected to supply his own materials throughout the six-year period. In 1782, Blake met John Flaxman, who was to become his patron, and Catherine Boucher, who was

  • Investigating the Length of Long Shore Occurence

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    Investigating the Length of Long Shore Occurence Reason for study: to find out if long shore drift occurs and if it does, to find defences to prevent any hazards The place of my study was porlock bay in Somerset. This is a picture of the porlock bay. [IMAGE] Aim: 1. To find out the beach material is moved by long shore drift 2. To work out a sort of defence mechanism used in porlock bay to stop the flooding in the marshes. Evidence of long shore drift: · Without long shore

  • Comparing Three Articles on the Film Along Came Polly

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    the Film Along Came Polly For my investigation, I am going to compare a newspaper, magazine and an internet article. The articles are on films. The film I'm going to do is Along Came Polly, from The Daily Mail, OK! Magazine and I will get my example of 100 words from the first 20 sentences. Hypothesis My hypothesis is that magazine articles use longer words than newspaper articles. Newspaper Length of words Tally