The Legendary Camelot

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The Legendary Camelot

This king lay at Camelot one Christmastide

With many mighty lords, manly liegemen,

Members rightly reckoned of the Round Table,

In splendid celebration, seemly and carefree

(Stone 22).

This is the only time that Camelot, home of the Arthurian

legends, is mentioned in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

The fourteenth-century poem seemingly gives no clue as to

the location of the castle of King Arthur (Alcock 15).

According to the Encyclopedia Brittannica, the "real"

Camelot is to be found at a number of locations:

Camelot, in Arthurian legend, was the seat of King

Arthur's court. It is variously identified with

Caerlon, Monmouthshire, in Wales, and in England,

with the following: Queen Camel, Somerset; the

little town of Camelford, Cornwall; Winchester,

Hampshire, and, especially since archaeological

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