Somerset Maugham's The Luncheon

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1301 words

The text I'm going to analyse represents a short-story, entitled "THE LUNCHEON", written by a prominent, English novelist, short-story writer, playwright and essayist Somerset Maugham.

First of all I'd like to say some words about the title of the text "The Luncheon". The title of the text is rather ironical. If we consult a dictionary, we can find out that the word "luncheon" means a "light snack", but as we can see hereinafter a light snack turns to be an abundant and expensive meal.

The text represents the first person narration. The use of pronouns "I", "my", "myself" is predominant. E.g. "Did I remember?", "My heart sank", "as for myself, I chose the cheapest dish".

The plot of the text is the following: the narrator, a book writer, recognizes a woman with whom he had lunch years ago. He starts remembering the unforgettable evening. He was young, lived in Paris and could barely make ends meet.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the title of somerset maugham's "the luncheon", a short-story written by the english novelist, playwright, and essayist.
  • Analyzes how the narrator recognizes a woman with whom he had lunch years ago. she had read of his books and congratulated him on his work.
  • Analyzes how maugham presents a flash back at the beginning of the text, which becomes an important detail "did i remember?" which allows us to know what had happened twenty years ago.
  • Analyzes how the tone of the text is ironical. irony is presented in a stressed form, mainly in scene of restaurant.
  • Analyzes how the narrator was poor and could hardly keep body and soul together. the writer uses epithets to achieve the ironical effect.
  • Analyzes how the reader learns more about the main characters. they are presented both directly and indirectly. the male character is the ingenuous one.
  • Analyzes how the narrator is an educated man, polite, from a good family tradition.
  • Concludes that the woman is smart, experienced, selfish, cold, without any feeling except to fulfill her desires.
  • Analyzes how the writer makes the tone vary in the words of the characters. the woman's tone never changes while she cheats the host and orders the most expensive dishes.
  • Analyzes the suspense developed through the words of the narrator from the very beginning.
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