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  • Chemical Weapons In Syria

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    Why do countries use chemical weapons on innocent people? I understand there might be a conflict between two sides, but why are the civilians he ones who get affected the most? There is an ongoing debate in Syria regarding who used chemical weapons and who is responsible for the attack. Although Syria’s president and the rebels blame each other for the chemical attack, there is evidence in the ongoing debate that both sides used chemical weapons and the question of who is responsible for the death

  • Chemical Defense Training Facility

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    Fort Leonard Wood is the home of the Chemical Corps, and it’s also the home of the Chemical Defense Training Facility (CDTF). The Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, DOD civilians and allied nation Soldiers come to train at Fort Leonard Wood’s CDTF. In the Army for a Soldier to complete his chemical Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) he needs to successfully finish the CDTF. As he becomes a Non-Commissioned Officer or Officer, he will have to come back to Advanced Leaders Course (ALC), Senior Leaders

  • Terrorism - Analysis of Pan Am 103 and the Tokyo Subway

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    Lessons from Pan Am 103 and the Tokyo Subway ABSTRACT: Terrorists were very active long before September 11. This essay reviews the 1988 downing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland and the March 1995 gas attack in the Tokyo subway. The results of these terrorist acts, who carried them out, how they were carried out, and what can be done in the future to prevent such incidents from happening again are all investigated. On December 21, 1988 the world was shocked as a Boeing 747

  • The Effects of Terrorism in America

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    Terrorism has influenced civilizations throughout history and has even started wars. In 1914, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, who was the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, were shot dead in Sarajevo. They were killed by Gavrilo Princip, who was one of six assassins. Their goal was to have Austria-Hungary to create a South-Slav provinces and eventually turn it into a Greater Serbia or a Yugoslavia . These helped start World War I Terrorists

  • Syrian Chemical Weapons Controversy

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    to prohibit chemical weapons. 100 out of the 106 countries on our planet have signed this convention. One of the six countries that has yet to sign this convention is Syria. Syria has been the recent target of chemical weapon controversy, after a sarin gas attack in Damascus on its own citizens on the morning of August 21st, 2013. “1,429 innocent citizens including 426 children” were killed in this attack (BBC News). Syria’s stockpiling and transportation of chemical weapons has forced the hand of

  • Weapons Of Mass Destruction Essay

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    attorney general to be suitable for sporting purposes that have a bore of greater than 0.5” are considered Weapons of Mass Destruction under United States Law. It also refers to weapons that use chemicals to cause serious bodily harm or even death (i.e. sarin, VX, mustard gas), any weapon that use a living virus or bacteria to cause bodily harm or death (i.e. Anthrax), and finally nuclear weapons that emit and/or release radiation or radioactive levels dangerous to human life (“What Are Weapons of Mass

  • Rocky Mountain Arsenal: Past and Present

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    The Rocky Mountain Arsenal once home to chemical manufacturing facilities in support of the World War II and some parts of the land was used for the Prisoner of War camp. The Arsenal’s location was selected due to its relative distance from the coast. The weather that conducive or suitable to outdoor work, and the appropriate type of soil needed for the project. The location was also close to Stapleton Airfield, a major transportation hub. The land was also used by some private industries to manufacture

  • Syrian War Crimes Rough Draft

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    Around 1,300 people have died because of these attacks, not including the people that went to the hospital and later died. Most of these deaths were women and children. Using Sarin Nerve gas is a huge human rights violation. The citizens have no choice but to breathe in the chemical and die, or not breathe and eventually die. Sarin is considered one of the most deadly agents to use in chemical warfare. It is considered “20 times more deadly that cyanide. It causes death within minutes of exposure because

  • Taking A Look At Chemical Warfare

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    (“Chemical Weapons”). Chemical warfare is the use of chemical weapons to kill enemies or civilians or to prevent the enemy from using resources, mainly agriculture (“Chemical Warfare”). The most common place chemical weapons prevalent around the world are sarin, VX, and mustard and tear gas (“Chemical Warfare”). These weapons are

  • Iran-Iraq war: Iraq’s Use of Chemical Weapons

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    There have been many wars and battles fought with different weapons, but chemical weapons used in these wars are the worst kind. These weapons cause mutations and horrible deceases to a state in which some deceases even exist many years after the incident. These chemical weapons were unfortunately used by Iraq during the 8-year war between Iran and Iraq: 1980–1988. Iraq started using these chemical weapons excessively after 1984, until the end of the war even though countries are not allowed to use

  • Blood Agents Throughout History

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    Blood Agents Throughout History The utilization of chemical weapons during war has been in use since the beginning of time. The first time chemical warfare was use dates back to 600 B.C where Greek soldiers would poison the water reservoirs of their enemies. During 423 B.C. the Spartan soldiers used sulfur to attack Greece. Later on, in 673 C.E. the Greek navy was infamous for using burning chemical in the open sea, creating a floating fire wall allowing them to earn maneuver superiority. The use

  • Nerve Agents

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    The average person does not think about nerve agents, how it affects people and the environment they live in. To be quite honest, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that people choose not to think about this type of agent or any agent for that matter simply because they are fully aware of the fact that the consequences of encountering this substance are deadly and no matter which way you look at it the outcome will almost never be a positive one. There’s also a major concern about nerve agents especially

  • CBRN: The Looming threat

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    America is under the treat of a terrorist attack. Ever since the events of September 11th that idea has become a constant reality to the American public. Although terrorism is not a new concept, not even on American soil, it has become more of a reality in the resent decade. Terrorism takes many forms and threats are not always the way someone might picture them. Homegrown terrorist can have the same effect that international organizations may. Each group is attempting to achieve their own political

  • Pros And Cons Of Chemical Warfare

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    Ethics investigation task – RE Is chemical warfare necessary during warfare? SACE REGISTRATION NUMBER - 266933J See – What is the issue/situation? Chemical warfare involves using the toxicity of chemical substances as weapons, primarily in the form of a gas. Chemical warfare is very different from other weapons of mass destruction, or WMD’s. The other weapons under this label are nuclear warfare and biological warfare, which together make up NBC, the military term for nuclear, biological, and chemical

  • Chemical Weapons Essay

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    The use of chemicals in weapons dates back thousands of years, from poison arrows to poisonous fumes. However chemical warfare took a new approach during World War I. The first large scale attack was chlorine in april 1915. World War II brought on a entire new spectrum of chemical weapons and many countries obtained large stockpiles.1There are four different categories in which chemical weapons are organized based on what the effects are. The first category is blister agents which cause blistering

  • Dugway Incident of 1969

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    My research paper is on Dugway Proving Ground incident of 1969. The incident actually took place in March of 1968. What happened in 1969 was that President Nixon reaffirmed the “no first use, retaliate in kind” which became a national policy for the employment of chemical weapons. (Mauroni, Al, p. 33) The incident involved the killing of 6,000 sheep according to The Salt Lake Tribune. A deadly nerve agent known as VX had drifted off the reservation contaminating the sheep feeding area. The Army conducted

  • Dugway Incident 1969 Essay

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    Dugway Incident 1969 In 1968 over 6000 sheep died during or as a result of the incident that took place that day in Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah. Picture the Headlines, Dugway Proving Grounds is responsible for killing American Sheep. A thorough investigation at all levels; local, state and federal was conducted to find out what happened. It was discovered that the incident stemmed from a series of test that were conducted at Dugway Proving Grounds, using the agent VX. What is VX you ask; VX is

  • japan

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    On the morning of March 20th 1995 a terrorist group used unconventional tactics to attack a civilian population in a clandestine attempt to overthrow a world superpower. Both the method and the goal of the radical group appeared out of character from what the world had seen previously from extremists but a result that did open they eyes of many governments is a self-reflection that we as a society were not prepared for the evils that lie in wait. By using John Parachini risk assessment perspective

  • Aum Shinrikyo Case Study

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    house of one of the less educated members. This proved to be reason for alarm for Asahara. In early 1995, he had gotten word that the police were planning a raid on the Aum Shinrikyo compound. This is when he began to plot his largest attack, the Sarin subway attack of

  • Which Groups Pose an Urban Terrorist Threat

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    result of the government’s movement. During 1995 the Japanese experienced what could happen if a doomsday organization practices extreme measures to gain the audience of its fellow citizens. Members of the Aum Supreme Truth (Aum Shinrikyo) dropped sarin gas in the tunnels of a Tokyo subway system in March of 1995 killing 12 and injuring up to 6,000 more. The group’s leader Shoko Asahara (AKA Chizuo Matsumoto) was trying to forcefully fulfill his own prophecies in order to gain the attention of the