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Syria War Crimes Rough Draft
To understand why Syria is in such bad shape, we have to understand what caused the civil war in the first place. What happened in Syria to motivate the citizens to rebel against their government? First we have to understand the makeup of Syria and its citizens.
As of July 2013 Syria has a population of 22,457,336. Syria is a very divided country ethnically and religiously. 74% of the population is Sunni Muslim, 16% is other Muslims such as Alawite and Druze. The last 10% is Christian. The problem starts with the government. The ruling family of Assad and much of the country’s ruling class is Alawite which is the distinct minority in the country. The median age for anyone living in Syria is 22 years old. One-Third of the population is younger than 15, and only 3.9 % is over 65, making Syria a very young country.
The current President Bashar Al-Assad took control after his father’s death. He being the youngest child was not expected to take over, but after his older brother died he had no choice but to take control event without any training or experience as a leader. The country is very controlled with media and information. It anyone opposes Al-Assad they are usually imprisoned.
Since Syria has such a young population they are exposed to new ideas and they aren’t afraid to stand up for change. In March 2011, there were protests against the government and al-Assad. While protesting a group of teens painted revolutionary slogans on a school wall, and they were soon imprisoned. This enraged the rest of the Syrian population because the group of teens were being tortured by the government. Once the government released them there was more protesting. The police shot and killed a 4 protesters. While at th...

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...e gas was released it is most likely the citizens had no idea that they were getting exposed to this chemical because it is odorless, tasteless and colorless.
As of April 13th 2014 there have been claims that the Syrian Rebels have used chlorine gas ina central village. Althought nothing has been confirmed as of yet, there is s video showing that people were being treated with oxygen and many coughing and crying because they were being choked by the chemical. Only two people died in this attack, but many more were injured from the actually canister exploding. This is attack is coming after continuous small scale chemical attacks by the rebels. The Syrian TV is blaming it on a rebel group that is linked to al-Qaeda.
There are many other attacks being committed on civilian populations, including murder, rape, torture, and hostage-taking, on both sides of the war.
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