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  • Puritan ideals and there effects on community

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    Puritans where known for strict standards and slim to none open mindedness. they were taught from birth to fallow their perceived ideals of the bible and that was the way of living. These strict living styles lead to set ideals and standards. society roles in the puritan life were also very defined. for example the woman's soul was an invited metaphor for fertility and sexuality. The woman was seen as weak and easily swayed. They were meant to stay home, teach and do other homely duties. Children

  • Anne Bradstreet and the Puritan Community

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    (158) Winthrop suggested that the eyes of the world would be on the passengers of the Arabella to set the example of “good” Christian behavior. He advocated the notions of hard work, fellowship, and community, and held these qualities in the upmost regard in building this “City upon a hill” community. He preached the ideology of Puritanism to a congregation of peoples breaking free from the hypocrisy and popery that religion represented in their previous life. In outlining the ideals of Puritanism

  • A Study of Outsiders Integrating Into a Puritan Community

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    Popular mythology conjures up images of Puritan New England as a pious, homogenous, agrarian community, a "Citty upon a Hill" intended to inspire the English homeland to turn to Puritan ways.(1) However, Puritan New England was more than a collection of small, agrarian communities. The harbors of New England supported shipping and fishing industries, and abundant timber and ore supplies inspired the Puritans of North America to pursue a colonial version of the English iron industry. These new American

  • Symbols and Symbolism in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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    "A" in several ways. In the Puritan community, "A" is a sign of punishment, and the red "A" is worn on the chest of the offender's clothing. The "A" may mean adultery, Angel and Able. Hester, after years of helping, serving and sympathizing with the townspeople, was viewed by the Puritans to mean Able rather than adulteress; "A" meant Able; "so strong was Hester Prynne, with a woman's strength" (186). For example, when Hester has won some respect from the Puritans, "Such helpfulness was found in

  • The Character Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter

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    her identity and the Puritan community?s views. For example, Hester Prynne does not attend church, nor does she believe in a religion. She sets herself apart from everyone else and chooses to live on the outskirts of town. Hester Prynne does what she feels is right and intends to wear the A as long as she needs to, to prove she controls the meaning of the scarlet letter and not society. The Puritan community?s views of Hester Prynne change throughout the novel. The community notices that Hester

  • Sin in Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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    Nathaniel Hawthorne states in this novel, "In the view of Infinite Purity, we are sinners all alike." This statement puts a big question mark on the true lives of the Puritans. If we all have once committed a moral wrongdoing, why is this young woman so harshly punished for her sin? Hester Prynne was a young woman living in a Puritan community in the "New World." Her husband, Roger Chillingworth was said to be lost at sea, and Hester assumed his death. Upon this basis, young Hester committed a crime of

  • Free Essay - Evil in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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    Scarlet Letter. In this novel, there are three main characters who commit evil and sinful acts, but each act is at a different degree of sinfulness (i.e. the sins get worse as the story goes a-long). These three sinners, in the eyes of the Puritan community, are the beautiful Hester Prynne, the esteemed Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale, and the cold-hearted doctor, Roger Chillingworth. Like Hawthorne, I believe that evil is the nature of man but that there are different magnitudes of evil; some choose

  • Symbols and Symbolism Essay - Symbolism in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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    symbolic relationship" with adultery. The letter "A" was the first letter of adultery and the Puritans put the negative connotation on the letter. The community interprets the cosmic "A" as Angel, signifying the passing of Governor Winthrop. The letter on Hester's bosom represented the sin of adultery, yet as that it meant different things to Hester, Dimsdale, Pearl, Chillingworth and the Puritan community. To Hester it represented "alienation and unjust humiliation" . "Hester looked, by way

  • Free Essay on Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter - The Message

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    to his own personal sense of shame about his ancestor's persecuting roles in the 17th century Salem Witch Trials. By indirectly dealing with his sense of guilt through fictional circumstances, he shows his viewpoint as being highly critical of the Puritans while teaching a strong moral lesson in the process. Graduating in the middle of his class from Bowdain College in 1825, he went on to write a variety of long stories, short stories, and articles. Generally his writings contained powerful symbolic

  • Abigail Williams in Act One of The Crucible by Arthur Miller

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    complex story involving the accounts and happenings surrounding the 1692 Salem witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts. Act 1 of the Crucible sets up the unfolding of events which lead to witch accusations and increasing superstition among the puritan community. The Crucible reveals the intriguing and malicious character of Abigail Williams to be a manipulative and unabashed liar, who possesses the remarkable quality of self preservation even among what seem to be insurmountable odds. The character