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  • Portrait

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    Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Stephen Dedalus is born of a woman, created of the earth; pure in his childhood innocence. From this beginning stems the birth of an artist, and from this the novel, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, James Joyce recounts Stephen's story. His journey is followed from childhood to maturity, and thus his transformation from secular to saintly to an awakening of what he truly is. The novel evolves from simple, childlike diction, to sophisticated, higher

  • Learning Portrait

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    Learning Portrait This is a portrait of my capability as a learner. How do I do it? How do I keep track of all of the information and knowledge that has come to me throughout my lifetime? How do I break it down and process it? How do I compensate in the areas where I am lacking? My purpose here is to evaluate the way I use and process information, to get a better picture of my ability to learn, and what I have learned, in school, at work and in life. Information Gathering To keep abreast

  • arnolfini Portrait

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    The Arnolfini portrait is one of the appreciable paintings of the Netherlandish Renaissance, filled with fabulous details and complex symbolism. It is also known as The Arnolfini Wedding, The Arnolfini Marriage or The Arnolfini Double Portrait. This artwork is an oil painting dated 1434 by the early Dutch painter Jan Van Eyck and it has been exhibited in The National Gallery in London since 1842. This painting is small full-length double portrait, which is believed by art historians in order to represent

  • Whats in a Portrait?

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    What’s in a Portrait?      What’s in a portrait? Is it simply just a photographic image of a person only done in oil paints, or is there much more to it? Is a portrait a way of peeling away the layers of a person and visually representing who they really are? Gericault’s Monomania: Portrait of an Excessively Jealous Woman and Cezanne’s Madame Cezanne in the Conservatory are both portraits of women. Even though these paintings are portraits of women they are completely different

  • What is a Portrait

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    What is a portrait? Portraits are one of most common forms of photography. However, “what is a portrait?” is such a vague question because a portrait could be defined as many things. An official dictionary definition of the word describes a portrait as “a painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders (Merriam Webster).” The photographer’s aim is to give prominence to the face of the person because this will be the focus and story

  • Family Portrait

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    listen to the song, “Family Portrait” by Pink. I like the way Pink tells meaningful stories in her music. I connect with the song “Family Portrait”, the lyrics are feelings that I can relate to. I used to listen to this song when my parents were going through a divorce. The song made me feel like I wasn’t alone and the pain I was experiencing was normal. The speaker of this song could be an adult or a child who is living in a broken home. However, the way “Family Portrait” is written, it’s as if

  • Family Portrait

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    Introduction “Family Portrait” by Pink portrays a social problem that is unfortunately rampant in American society today; divorce. I chose this song because I am an adult child of divorce and this song helped me a lot during my parents' initial separation and subsequent divorce years later. I feel that this song gives a voice to children everywhere who are dealing with parental divorce and expressing thoughts and emotions that many children cannot express to their parents. Nowadays it is not uncommon

  • The Portrait Of A Lady

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    In Henry James’s novel, The Portrait of a Lady, two characters, Madame Merle and Isabel Archer, discuss what constitutes the self. Madame Merle states that the things we chose to surround ourselves with, our clothes and our hobbies, are what make up one’s self. Isabel Archer states that nothing other than herself, her thoughts and feelings, expresses who she is. I agree with Isabel Archer that one should be seen for how one acts or thinks, but I also agree with Madame Merle that what we chose to

  • Portrait of a Cartographer

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    Portrait of a Cartographer Someone must decide how to color maps. Where to put the pale yellow, coral pink, the olive green, burnt orange, magenta. Where to put the darkest shades of blue. The lightest. There is something of symmetry, of composition. There is topography to consider. Demographics. The vast expanse of open land, open water, the sensuous curves of coastline, of mountain ranges, of rivers with their writhing bodies and forked tongues. The color of the ocean is according to its

  • The Portrait Of The Mona Lisa

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    the meaning behind the painting. The picture is a world renowned piece of art. There are many things that contribute to the fame of the Mona Lisa, in part I believe that give the portrait its fame. The portrait became legendary because of the actually person who create the Mona Lisa, technique, and the actually portrait itself, in which I believe enhanced the status of the painting. Leonardo da Vinci was raised by his father and mentored by Andrea del Verrocchio. As da Vinci learned more in the