The New Testament: The Mystery Of The New Testament

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Mystery of the New Testament The New Testament is a part of the Christian Canon, which is inclusive of the Old and New Testament. The New Testament consists of twenty-seven books, and is the foundation of the Christian religion. The New Testament has set the bar for Christianity as a religion, but many questions surround the New Testament. These questions surrounding the New Testament have continuously sparked controversy. The Old Testament revealed how worshipers of Christianity were to live their lives, and helped to guide them through their lives. Many do not question the validity of the Old Testament. Books were left out essentially fitting into what the church wanted, and not seeing eye to eye with their Christian ideals. The New Testament…show more content…
These Gospels are what shaped not only the Old Testament, but the New Testament as well. The New Testament contains twenty-seven Gospels while the Old Testament contains thirty-nine Gospels. Gospels that were left out of the New Testament are referred to as noncanonical gospels. Some of the Gospels that were omitted from the New Testament were added into some of the Gospels that were included. The Gospels most known for this would be the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. (Lowe). Some of the earlier Gospels were simply lost, and unable to be transcribed into the New Testament. Gospels that were persevered are referred to as sources for the New Testament. (Schorn). “Scholars have determined that there were at least three main sources. These three sources were believed to be some of the first Gospels in the Old Testament” (Northcott). The original names are unknown, but have received the modern names of the Lost Q Source, the Pre-Markan passion Narrative, and the Signs Gospel. Gospels could have been omitted from the New Testament due to wars, conquests, persecutions, and few copies being made. (Eherman). Also, there are accusations that leaders of the early church intentionally destroyed these Gospels to cover up facts of the origin of Christianity. (Taussig…show more content…
A large number of Christians grew intolerant of other groups and the group 's ideologies which aroused questions. “Followers of different religions began to question the Christians and their newly discovered god” (Northcott). Many Christians believed that the Christian religion was the only true religion that should be worshiped, and felt the need to dissolve any opposing viewpoints of their Christian religion. Followers of the Christian religion would begin to travel to foreign places in order to spread the word of their religion. (Shelley 9). Spreading the word about Christianity and Jesus would continue, and still does in today’s modern
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