The Bible: The Old Testament And New Testament

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There are hundreds upon thousands of ancient text that have been discovered, read, and debated among scholars and people of interest. Out of all these ancient texts, the Bible is considered the greatest collection of ancient writings that have truly influenced the world for generations. The Christian Bible consist of 66 or more books that are divided into two sections, the Old Testament and New Testament. The Old Testament consist of books that were written before the time of Jesus Christ. The New Testament consist of books written during and after the time of Jesus Christ. When it comes to the Bible, Christians often have their own views and interpretations on the Bible such as Christians debating about whether there is predestination,…show more content…
I’ve always have been a part of the faith, which means I have always been a Christian. After giving some background on how I have my views in the post, I then discuss some of the views I had at the time. The two most important views I mention in my post were that I believed Jesus Christ to be fully God and man and I believed that the Bible in its entirety is the word of God. These two views were important for me to mention in my post was because I believed that both of these views were very fundamental to Christianity. If Jesus Christ wasn’t fully God and man like he claimed he was in the Gospels, then how could Christians trust what any of the books in the New Testament were claiming? If the books of the Bible were not the inspired word of God, then why would a Christian follow anything that’s written in the Bible? Without these two fundamental views, why would anyone bother being a Christian in the first place, that’s what I believed when I was writing my week one discussion board post.
During the seven weeks of the BIB218: The Survey of the New Testament course, I learned a lot about the New Testament books. I gained knowledge about each of the New Testament books both
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The course itself mostly refined my views on the Bible, but there were some minor changes as well. After taking this course, I still believe that Jesus Christ is both God and man as well as the Bible being the inspired word of God. The course itself only brought more support to both of these views that I believed in at week one. I would say that my views on the Bible were refined in the sense that my views on the Bible have more depth to them now than my views previously had during the first week of the course. Many of the views that I previously had that could be classified as traditional Church views were changed slightly, such as now, I believe that the first three Gospels were written according to either the Griesbach hypothesis or the Mark-Mathew hypothesis because of the similarities the first three Gospels have with each other. My acquired learning of the New Testament has impacted my life because I now understand that there is more complexity to the Bible then I previously believed and that there isn’t always a simple answer to everything when it comes to the Bible. The course has really made it more clearly to me that the most important thing to do as a Christian is to have faith and trust in God in that he knows what he’s doing and to not worry about the little
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