Psychiatric Rehabilitation (Psychr)

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What is Psychiatric Rehabilitation (PsyR)? This paper will discuss what it is. The education and skills needed to work in this field, the income of all career options, what is it about and the population of PsyR service users. This paper will also describe the work environment of this field and the importance of this area. Psychiatric Rehabilitation is a field where people help individuals living with mental illness live in the community. According to Pratt et al. (2014) "Psychiatric Rehabilitation is a set of strategies and techniques designed to meet the needs of persons with psychiatric disabilities" (Pratt, Gill, Barrett, & Roberts, 2014, p. 4). PsyR is all about helping others. A PsyR practitioner helps individuals with things like education,…show more content…
"LPCs train in all aspects of counseling, concentrating on learning the behavioral patterns that lead to problems in different facets of individuals ' lives. And although they tend to focus on normal developmental issues and challenges that most people face at one time or another, they also learn how to diagnose and treat chronic mental and emotional disorders, including substance abuse and addiction" (Licensed Professional Counselor, n.d.).
To obtain an LPC, you must first acquire a master 's degree in psychology, social work, or psychiatric rehabilitation. The next step is Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC) exam. This will allow you to gain the required supervision hours you need to sit for the LPC exam. The number of hours depends on your education level. For someone with a master 's degree, it is 4500 supervision hours. The annual salary rate for an LPC is between $38,000-49,000 per year in the state of New
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With a Ph. D in PsyR a person can work as a physician or as a college professor. Another job in this area is a Doctorate in Rehabilitation Psychology. A rehabilitation psychologist is a doctor that deals with both aspects of its field: psychology and physical rehabilitation. "This area of psychology involves treating a broad range of problems. Some of the challenges that rehabilitation psychologists treat may be mental or emotional, and they may include such things as depression, anxiety, developmental disabilities, and learning disabilities. Other problems that rehabilitation psychologists treat might be physical, such as addiction or chronic pain. Problems that rehabilitation psychologists treat might be chronic or acute, and they might also be congenital or acquired" (Rehabilitation Psychology Careers, n.d.). The annual salary for a rehabilitation psychologist is $109,000 per
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