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  • Mesa AZ

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    States has its unique attraction. Let us have a look at Mesa Arizona. Mesa, AZ history Mesa tracks its roots back to Spanish Indian and Mormon expeditions in the early American history. The diverse ethnical background is one of its strong points for growth and development. The city is found in the State of Arizona in the county of Maricopa. It borders the famous city of phoenix to the east. Mesa built the biggest arts theatre in Arizona in 2005. In addition, it has exciting Tonto horse rides at Saquaro

  • The Gila River

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    The mostly dry Gila River today hardly resembles the unruly, historic stream that came roaring out of the Black Mountain Range in western New Mexico, crossing the Great Divide and then Arizona before ending its 650-mile journey by joining the Colorado River at Yuma. In those days, before construction of eastern Arizona’s Coolidge Dam and an irrigation-canal system commandeered the Gila’s water, boats navigated the river, which varied in width from 150 to 1,200 feet with depths ranging from 2 to

  • Arpaio's Legacy

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    southwestern United States. Arizona in particular, takes a spot in the line of illegal immigrants, along with drug paraphernalia, being trafficked over the border. With high temperatures, vast desert land and a growing population, the aggression of illegal acts are filling the countries jail system more and more each day. In the blistering hot Maricopa County Jail, rules and regulations are run a little different than the rest of the country and have demonstrated to provide Maricopa County with many of additional

  • Samuel Drachman: Jewish Pioneer

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    Drachman, was a significant Jewish pioneer in Arizona. He was born on November 9, 1837 in Petrokoy, Russian Poland. His parents were Harris and Rebecca Drachman. He had 2 siblings: Augusta and Philip Drachman. Philip had many difficulties with his health and he thought Arizona’s dry climate would be his treatment. Samuel was to be by his side. Samuel was 18 years old when he and Philip came to America. They shared a boat with fellow future Arizona pioneers: the Goldwater brothers. Their first

  • Lorenzo's Hometown

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    Lorenzo's Hometown Lorenzo Lujan grew up in Morenci, Arizona. His father worked in the Morenci Mine, and his brothers, brothers in law, uncles and his wife's family all worked in the mine. He said, "[Morenci] was like a big family--and I don't just mean literal family members, the whole town was a family. Morenci was the type of town where you didn't have to lock your doors at night; everybody knew everybody else." But he doesn't relish the idea of returning to his hometown. "Phelps Dodge

  • How the West Was Won

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    How the West Was Won Table of contents???pg.1 (History) How the West was ?won?????pg.2 (History) Harmony Lost???pg.3 The Long Walk???pgs.4-7 Bibliography???pg.8 How the West was ?won?? For hundreds of years the early stories of the United States have been summed up by the expression, ?How the West was won.? The classic cowboy and Indian films have always portrayed the white settlers moving across America?s plains and mountains to be innocent at heart in their journeys

  • Flagstaff, AZ

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    Flagstaff, AZ When you think of Arizona, you think of vast deserts with the sun that lasts the whole day. As you force your car north through the significant state, the seasons change before your eyes. Finally, in the middle of the state you reach the rich San Francisco Mountains. Once you see the peaks of the mountains you know you are close to Flagstaff, AZ. Flagstaff is the definition of a mountain town. There isn’t a person in the city that hasn’t hiked, skied or snow-boarded down these

  • Uranium in the Four Corners

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    out the uranium mine’s close proximity to the Red Butte Traditional Cultural Property, which was recognized and designated by the US Forest Service in 2010. Transporting the uranium has also proven to be a major concern for communities in northern Arizona, most notably Flagstaff. In 2010 the Flagstaff City Council passed a resolution supporting the Obama administration’s withdrawal of one million acres of federal land around the national park from uranium mining for 20 years. Chief concerns in the

  • Arizona Is Awe-Inspiring

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    Located in the southwestern United States, Arizona borders the states of Nevada and California to its west. It borders Utah to its north, and New Mexico to its west. This unique state has one of the largest populations of any landlocked state in the US and was the 48th state to join the country. Also, it was the last state in the continental United States to achieve statehood, on February 14, 1912. With its vast deserts and soaring mountains, Arizona was long a sparsely populated state that required

  • Speaking Through Silence

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    evidence supports the conclusion made; I will also discuss Basso’s entry into the community, which is sparsely described in the text. Facts & Interests Basso’s carries out his research in a Western Apache community situated in east-central Arizona in Navajo County. He conducts the research over a period of sixteen months between 1964 and 1969. Basso specifically observes specifically a settlement called ‘Cibecue’ that he regards as a small community of about 800 people. The society is largely agrarian;