Health Concerns for Children in Maricopa Arizona

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Health Concerns for Children in Maricopa, Arizona: Health Concerns for Children in Maricopa Arizona: Obesity and Access for Care Obesity in children is a growing crisis in our society. It has become an alarming concern for both communities and health care organizations. There are a number of ways to improve eating habits and encourage healthier choices. Making healthier foods accessible in groceries stores is one example. Our First Lady, Michelle Obama used the following quote during her speech in Chicago to call attention to the lack of healthy food stores in some communities in Chicago. She proclaims that it is a community matter and every one must be involve to make changes. Without change in the community individuals will not have opportunities to make healthier food choice . "We all grew up in communities with grandmothers who cooked two, three vegetables that you had to eat. There was no ifs, ands or buts about it. But that's because many of our grandparents, they had community gardens; there was the vegetable man that came around. There were many other resources that allowed them to have access. So it's not that people don't know or don't want to do the right thing; they just have to have access to the foods that they know will make their families healthier ("Michelle Obama in Chicago," 2011). People who have options of vegetables and fish products in grocery stores eat better and will have better outcome on health (Edberg, 2007). This papers explores the following questions related to health risks in children, obesity and access of care: 1. How can we as a community improve better eating habits in our neighborhoods in regards to children and how to recommend healthier choices when food is always around us? ... ... middle of paper ... ...th_news/article_11f1a71d-8b0b-5558- b444-7b389ff1887f.html?mode=jqm Maricopa County ranks high number in uninsured. (2014, February 5). Retrieved from number-uninsured.html (2012). Maricopa County Community Health Assessment Public Health Strategic Priorities 2012. Retrieved from Michelle Obama in Chicago to Talk Food Deserts. (2011, October 25). Retrieved from Swartz, K. (2009). Health care for the poor: for whom, what care, and whose responsibility? New York: Russell Sage Foundation Press. United States Census Bureau. (n.d.). State and County Quick Facts. Retrieved from

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