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  • The Natural by Bernard Malamud

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    book is able to catch the reader’s eye with his concept of the importance of beautiful description. The Natural, by Bernard Malamud, uses great imagery that makes the story appealing. In the beginning of The Natural, Roy Hobbs is a young man who has his whole life ahead of him. He is being picked up by a scout and is looking forward to a career in the major leagues. Malamud shows imagery in the story to highlight turning points and moments that have great importance by saying, “The bullet cut a silver

  • The Fixer by Bernard Malamud

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    vital concept is powerfully handled by the Jewish-American writer, Bernard Malamud in his novel, The Fixer. The Fixer is a classic example for the existential ideology that catharsis of human being happens only through suffering. He proposed “Every man is a Jew” (94). He looks upon a Jew as a paradigm of human values and not a creature of a chosen tribe. His works intend that suffering and love are common to all men. Malamud was born on April 26, 1914 in the United States. He was the son of Russian

  • The Natural by Bernard Malamud

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    Every individual has two lives, the life we live, and the life we live after that. Nobody is perfect, but if one works hard enough, he or she can stay away from failure. The Natural is a novel written by Bernard Malamud. It is Malamud’s first novel that initially received mixed reactions but afterwards, it was regarded as an outstanding piece of literature. It is a story about Roy Hobbs who after making mistakes in his life, he returns the bribery money and is left with self-hatred for mistakes he

  • The Magic Barrel Anylisis by Bernard Malamud

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    At the beginning of Bernard Malamud, “The Magic Barrel,” starting off with a children’s book style as if it was going to be a fairy tale. This is not the case whatsoever, however, each character plays the role of one. Love and finding who himself is the theme of the story, a young man Leo searches for a love that doesn’t exist. Not searching at all for what he desired, but changing his whole understanding on who he is after every experience, a love that he needed was never searched for, but finding

  • Commentary of The Natural, by Bernard Malamud

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    game he meets the Judge, and throws the money in his face. They fight, and eventually Roy is seen as a loser for throwing the game. In the novel, The Natural, by Bernard Malamud the author conveys that decisions made through selfishness and without consent of a moral code lead to major consequences in one’s life. Bernard Malamud conveys this theme through three major symbols the playing field, the train, and Wonderboy. The playing field is a huge symbol showing that every time something bad or a

  • Distrust in The Silver Crown by Bernard Malamud

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    Distrust in The Silver Crown by Bernard Malamud Distrust is a major theme throughout "The Silver Crown" by Bernard Malamud. This lack of trust is not only justified by the circumstances in the story but also with the period the story was written and the author's personal life. Albert Gans is a teacher whose father is deathly ill with an unknown ailment. Doctors are baffled and do not know what treatment to prescribe to their patient. Emotionally exhausted Albert travels home to rest when he

  • Theme of Love in The Magic Barrel by Benard Malamud

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    follow what the hearts dictate. Through the spiritual journey to seek for love of Leo, the main character of 'The Magic Barrel' by Bernard Malamud, the author gives us his undeniable declaration of love. Leo, who has a matchmaker find for him a wife, after all his choices falls in love with the one he does not choose, yet he loves her at the first sight. As what Malamud declares, it is because love is not a matter of choice but of chance. From the very beginning of the story we are known that Leo Finkle

  • Equal Rights for Women in The Natural by Bernard Malamud

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    Literatures had always been the reflections of the world’s issues. These literatures showed the problems within society in the period of time. In the book, “The Natural”, by Bernard Malamud had developed how women were seen as an object to men that they did not have the equal rights and social status as men. Also, women in the novel were classified as the trophies to men, whom they were either gold diggers digging for massive fortunes for the future, or accomplishments for men to chase after them

  • How Bernard Malamuds, The Natural, uses Style to potray Historical events in his era

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    influenced in many different ways, but, in general, most of their inspiration comes from those events occurring within the era they are living in. They also use various different techniques or styles to portray those events in their writings. Bernard Malamud wrote a novel, published in 1952, called The Natural. This novel used numerous different stylistics elements to reveal the impact sports had in the late 1940s. One central stylistic element used, in The Natural, to show the impact of sports, in the

  • The Randomness of Love and Baseball

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    together of his random thoughts. Codrescu uses an over bearing amount of connotative language in his essay, which makes knowing exactly what he means hard to understand. He uses several examples of famous writers, philosophers, and even places. Dawson, Malamud, Edgar Allan Poe, and Freud, were just some of these famous people who were mentioned. Codrescu assumes that everyone in his audience is aware and knowledgeable on every subject he mentions, which in most cases is an unrealistic assumption on his