Commentary of The Natural, by Bernard Malamud

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It’s going, going, gone. It’s a homerun! Strike one, strike two, strike three he’s out! These are the main things that go on in the incredible novel, The Natural. We start off with hearing about a nineteen year old, Roy Hobbs, baseball superstar getting shot in a shooting accident which damaged his career. Then we skip to the failing New York Knights who just moved up a thirty- four year old ballplayer, Roy Hobbs, signed for only $3,000, Roy eventually becomes a mega superstar after the death of the old team superstar, Bump Bailey. Roy ends up falling in love with Bump’s old girlfriend, Memo Paris. Roy goes through a slump and one game a girl stand up for him in the stands when no one else would. Roy hit a homerun to end his dry spell. He likes this girl, Iris Lemon, but not more than Memo. Roy pleads with the owner of the team, the Judge, for more money. The Judge says no, but tells Roy if he throws away the game to win the pennant he will give him $35,000. Roy agrees, but in the end tries to win the game back failing miserably. He strikes out after breaking the only bat he was good with, Wonderboy. After the game he meets the Judge, and throws the money in his face. They fight, and eventually Roy is seen as a loser for throwing the game. In the novel, The Natural, by Bernard Malamud the author conveys that decisions made through selfishness and without consent of a moral code lead to major consequences in one’s life.
Bernard Malamud conveys this theme through three major symbols the playing field, the train, and Wonderboy. The playing field is a huge symbol showing that every time something bad or a bad decision happens the field becomes dry, but when something good or a good decision happens it becomes green. When the team is...

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...onveys in the Natural, that the decisions one makes using selfishness and without a moral code lead to major consequences. This is shown through the author’s use of symbols, motifs, and the character Roy Hobbs. The symbols the author uses are the field, the train and Wonderboy. The motifs he uses are water, birds, and vegetation. Lastly he uses the main character Roy Hobbs, and his decisions he made that lead to his later consequences. The theme in this book is a true statement and uses a realistic example like Roy Hobbs definitely shows it. Many people in the world today do this. Bernard Malamud was clearly trying to show the world that making decisions with selfishness is not going to be good no matter what. The choices made without moral code lead to consequences as shown in Bernard Malamud’s use of motifs, symbols, and the main character Roy Hobbs.

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