London Underground Essays

  • Journey Planner Implementation

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    Planner Implementation This document envisages the creation of a computer software application which enables a user to identify the shortest route between two given stations on the London Underground system. The application itself, is to be written in the Ruby scripting language and the schema of the Underground is to be stored on a MySQL database. In order to be effective, the application would provide an implementation of Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm . An initial prototype of the application

  • Eric Gill Research Paper

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    in Brighton, England and died 17 November 1940 at age 58. Eric Gill is most well-known for his Gill Sans type face, erotic imagery and sculptures. Eric Gill took lessons in lettering with Edward Johnston at the Central School of Arts and Crafts in London. Gill then became inspired by nature and Indian temple sculptures. One quote from Eric Gill clearly states of what he thought about type design in his time, “There are now about as many different varieties of letters as there are different kinds of

  • Another World

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    Anxiety and Insecurity pumped through my mind as London crept closer. Evidence I had previously seen brought me to the conclusion that I was fast approaching another world and I could sense it. The buildings were getting larger and becoming more individual, the pollution emerged as a rival to these buildings, each very overpowering. Stepping off the train was like entering a stampede, after being carried back four or five meters I managed to dive to my left, taking cover from a graffiti ridden

  • A Description Of Visit To The San Antonio Art Museum

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    become like Archie, a “Real RocknRolla”. I love this money and the ending. As serious as the plot may sound, it is really a comedy and the actors all seem to be having fun. The over dramatic scenes and constant use of vulgar language gives it that ‘London gangster’ feel. It took me a couple views in order to fully understand the plot as there is a ton of scenes connecting every character or groups of character together. The RocknRolla by Guy Ritchie is a very entertaining movie. A little confusing

  • Critical Evaluation

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    A Critical evaluation of the Croxley Rail Link Environmental Impact Assessment 1) Discuss the extent to which environmental considerations have shaped the planning and design of the Croxley Rail Link. Introduction Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been broadly defined as an assessment process in which the environmental considerations of a development proposal are taken into account in the decision making process. In its official definition the International Association for Impact Assessment

  • London Underground Case Study

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    20. Does the London Underground poster designs embody the Look, Mood, Aspiration, Technology of the 1920’s, 1930’s, and 1940’s? Graphic Design has been around for generations giving it a vibrant history. For this, the case study was going to specifically look at the London Underground. Starting from the 1920 when the avant-garde posters were created, all the way to 1940 during the Second World War. The idea behind this study is to see how the design has changed depending on the time period. The

  • Wealth and Power Associated With Transportation Systems

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    of people and cargo was a slow, tedious process. Although the country was grow... ... middle of paper ... ...ian America, 1840-1900. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press. McNeil, I. (2002). An Encyclopaedia of the History of Technology . London: Routledge. Osterbrook, D. E. (1999). Yerkes Observatory, 1892-1950 : The Birth, Near Death, and Resurrection of a Scientific Research Institution. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. Patrick, J. J. (2001). The Supreme Court of the United

  • Carl Sandburg And Ezra Pound

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    The beauty of the English language is that there is a word for all situations. Poets, Carl Sandburg and Ezra Pound were master wordsmiths. Pound tries to mesh the magnificence of nature with the metronomic rhythm of an underground rail-system in his poem “In a Station of the Metro”. Sandburg also attempts to unite nature and the cityscape. The pulse of Sandburg’s “Fog” plays out similar to Planet Earth. Unlike Planet Earth, which has hours of narrative explaining the grandeur of earth; “Fog” is able

  • The Blitz and St Paul's Cathedral

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    pride and perseverance, as London became a city full of active resistors to the Nazi forces. This change would be prompted from a variety of sources, including Winston Churchill, the media, as well as the emergence of inspirational symbols. St. Paul's Cathedral is undoubtedly the most powerful of these symbols, becoming a timeless image associated with the Blitz, encapsulating sentiments of hope and courage. LONDON THROUGH THE BLITZ The Campaign The Blitz on London started on September 7, 1940

  • Rome: The Catacombs

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    Rome: The Catacombs The word catacomb comes from the Greek word meaning underground burial (5).? Catacombs are just that, underground cemeteries.? The early Christian church in ancient Rome used these cemeteries from the second century to the fifth century AD (5).? At first, these underground burials were only used as cemeteries.? During the persecutions of the Christian church around 64 AD, these catacombs were used as places of refuge for Christians (5).? Here they could celebrate the Eucharist

  • Gold Essay

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    again in underground vaults, where it is held in government monetary reserves. In 1990 the bullion reserves of the free world were estimated to total some 43,000

  • Delusions of American Society Exposed in Mind the Gap

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    Delusions of American Society Exposed in Mind the Gap by Meredith Oakes Mind the Gap, by Meredith Oakes is an ironic play that reflects many of the more undesirable traits of human nature. The play is set in the London Underground, a more or less universal setting. The two main characters are Ginny, the mother, and Lawrence, her son. The tone of the play is set within the first page and the characters are established quickly as well. In Mind the Gap, Ginny and Larence are riding on a train

  • The Underground Railroad

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    The Underground Railroad The Underground Railroad was one of the most remarkable protests against slavery in United States history. It was a fight for personal survival, which many slaves lost in trying to attain their freedom. Slaves fought for their own existence in trying to keep with the traditions of their homeland, their homes in which they were so brutally taken away from. In all of this turmoil however they managed to preserve the customs and traditions of their native land. These slaves

  • Welcome to the Underground

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    Welcome to the Underground While America sleeps safely at night, safe and secure in their world, there is another world taking place, a menacing and wild world. Right beneath their noses, taking place in their super markets, in empty warehouses, abandoned buildings, parks, and at roller skating rinks. Many will never know or hear about this world, for it may be safer not to know. For if one knows, he may be tempted to want to experience this world. Just indulging one night has been known to alter

  • Exploring Change in The Allegory of the Cave, and The Myth of Sisyphus

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    thinking is limited and ignorance is the direct product. The Allegory of the Cave is a parable that demonstrates how humans are afraid of change and what they do not know.  In this work, Plato suggests a situation in which men are living in an underground cave.  The one entrance is located near the top and there, a burning fire casts shadow.  The men of the cave are chained so that they can only see the wall and cannot turn around.  When objects pass by it creates a shadow on the wall.  The shadows

  • Tupacs life

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    small shows for people around the neighborhood. Tupac auditions for Greg Jacobs (Shock G) of the group Digital Underground. Tupac joins the group as a roadie, dancer and as a rapper. He toured with Digital Underground, instead of waiting around for them to get back in town to work on his album, he preferred to travel with them to kill time. He appeared on several songs with Digital Underground including "Same Song", "DFLO Shuffle", and "Wassup Wit Tha Luv". Nothing could have stopped this man, he was

  • The Cicada Many Things to Many People

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    about by scientists and most wondered about by the general public is known as the periodical cicada. Its scientific name is Magicicada septendecim. This species of cicada appears above ground only once every seventeen years. What the cicada does underground for most of its seventeen-year life span was a mystery until fairly recently. In the early part of this century, a man named C.L. Marlett, who worked for the United States Department of Agriculture, decided to find out. He began burying cicada eggs

  • Family Trip to London

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    London is a great place for travel, history simply coming to life when you're walking down its streets. The city has been through so much and is now the capital of the world's greatest empire. It offers a wide range of attractions and historic/ cultural opportunities for family vacations. A family trip here would benefit everybody with the experience and education that we would treasure for the rest of our lives. To start off the trip, the total is $6488.00 which includes the round flight, lodging

  • London Essay

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    of going to London, England on vacation or even wanting to move there. Have you ever wonder about London, England? My report is going to be about International Business in London, England. What is International Business? International Business comprises all commercial transactions that take place between two or more regions, countries and nations beyond their political boundaries. Usually private companies undertake such transactions for profit and for political reasons. London is a major

  • Comparing Spinoza’s Ethics and Dostoyevsky’s Notes from the Underground

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    Comparing Spinoza’s Ethics and Dostoyevsky’s Notes from the Underground Perhaps my choice of the subject may come across as a little eccentric, to say the least. To appear quaint and whimsical, however, is not my intention, so I figured as an introduction, I would explain my choice. From so far as I can tell, philosophy, or the search for truth, has all too often been equated with certainty. This quality of certainty has been especially magnified in the rationalist branch of philosophy. Starting