Another World

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Anxiety and Insecurity pumped through my mind as London crept closer.

Evidence I had previously seen brought me to the conclusion that I was

fast approaching another world and I could sense it. The buildings

were getting larger and becoming more individual, the pollution

emerged as a rival to these buildings, each very overpowering.

Stepping off the train was like entering a stampede, after being

carried back four or five meters I managed to dive to my left, taking

cover from a graffiti ridden pillar. Businessmen and women flew by in

large flocks adopting formations similar to birds, swinging their

briefcases in time with each other. The London underground train

station attracted more people than a home game at Old Trafford. But

what an exceptional idea, you can literally get to anywhere in the

city from one place, give or take a bit of confusion and

self-confidence along the way. I had London at my fingertips and of

course an useful train ticket.

This time I was prepared for the exit from the train. The service came

to a sudden halt, as soon as someone dared push the illuminated button

all hell would break loose. It seemed I wasn't the only one going to

the Millennium Eye, assuming that it was still called that since the

Millennium had been and gone quicker than Kevin Keegan's England

managerial career. After escaping from the train station, I headed for

my piece of this revolutionary technology bringing the landscape of

London before your very eyes. It wasn't hard to spot being I don't

know how many meters tall, as if you need to try and locate it anyway,

the amount of tourists all going the same way was a bit of a give


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...nt piece

of painted wax. I suppose that some people thought that they were

actually meeting their heroes. I didn't expect to find celebrities

from the past incorporated into the general into the modern sections.

Marilyn Monroe didn't fit alongside David Jason, as didn't Carl Lewis

by Tim Henman.

Everyone on the train seemed exhausted and I could relate having been

mentally drained as well as physically. I reflected on my day; as

there was nothing else to do unless you liked looking at people sweat

having completed a tough days labor. I concluded that my day was full

of new experiences; It's not every day you have a birds eye view of

one of the most influential cities today. I left the other world

sleeping having roamed only the slightest fraction of its lounge, the

rest of the house and street remained untouched.
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