Lean software development Essays

  • Lean Software Development Analysis

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    field of software engineering the new paradigms are being introduced day by day to enhance the efficiency of software development process. Continuously new and better ways for developing software application at small business or at enterprise level are looking for. In cost reduction and fast delivery the Lean Software Development (LSD) is attracting the industry. A lot of study and research is being conducted in LSD as it is still in evolving process. Recently “from agile to lean” agile software development

  • Lean Software Development and Enhancing Software Development Projects

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    Lean Software Development and Enhancing Software Development Projects Introduction Lean Software Development is essentially a transformation of lean manufacturing and IT principles and is a branch of agile development framework. The core concept here being eliminating waste. At the same time CMMI is a capability maturity model integration which is a process improvement technique that is used to bring about an improvement in a project, process or the entire organization for that matter. In this

  • Lean Thinking In A Donuts Company Case Study

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    on the adapting Lean Thinking in a company. This paper gives a basic perspective of Lean application. The paper investigates and elucidates Lean by demonstrating how the procedure can be augmented to include incremental worth. The paper exhibits how Lean systems can be adjusted into certifiable circumstances by applying Lean instruments to the genuine organization. In this way, organizations of distinctive administration commercial ventures can likewise learn and adjust the Lean approach all the

  • The Management Philosophy of Gemba Kaizen

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    divided into two major parts. The first part is well organized and deeply explained, very easy to read and understand overview of lean management concepts. Author has done a great job of reviewing the key concepts of lean production. The second part is a series of case studies. They cover a wide range of businesses and author gives examples how different companies applied lean principles. Masaaki Imai fully explains to non - Japanese managers the offshoot and use of "Kaizen" philosophy: continuous

  • value stream mapping

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    Lean Value stream Mapping is used to identify the desired customer outcomes, provide value to the product by the employment of value stream, from end to end, through analyzing all the entities that are used in building the product. Lean means to create more value for customers with just enough resources thus optimizing the whole process cycle and adding to customer success. The lean principles respond to changing customer desires and also provide high quality, low cost and faster throughput times

  • Research: Improving Patient flow in Outpatient Department At Apollo Main Hospital, Chennai

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    existing processes and protocol through verification and validation, and suggested improvements in the system to increase the flow rate of the patient throughout the stay. Table of Contents ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 HEALTHCARE 5 LEAN IN HEALTHCARE 5 OUTPATIENT DEPARTMENT AT APOLLO MAIN HOSPITAL, CHENNAI 6 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY 7 SCOPE OF THE STUDY 7 PROCESS STUDY 7 PROCEDURE AT OP DEPARTMENT (OUT PATIENT DEPARTMENT) 8 PROCEDURE AT RADIOLOGY DEPARTMENT (X-RAY) 9 SOURCES

  • The Pros And Cons Of Agile And Plan-Driven Process And Methods

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    of which first one is that neither agile nor plan-driven processes and methods provide a silver bullet which implies that either of the agile or plan-driven approach is not applicable in all situations. Both the processes deals with the essential software engineering complications like complexity, changeability, invisibility and conformity while both the processes have its own advantages and disadvantages. Agile method to some extent achieves changeability and invisibility as the project’s strategies

  • Lean Project Management Essay

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    Lean Project Management Lean project management (LPM) is the comprehensive adoption of other lean principles such as lean manufacturing and lean construction into the project management context. Lean system emphasizes on the prevention of waste such as labor and material spend, in this case in the design project of wind solar hybrid system. It is to manage the project with the minimum overhead. Wastes that do not add value to the product must be eliminated. LPM is also about building a lean behavior

  • Identifying the Common Causes of Software Defects

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    technological advancements in software development from its beginnings somewhere in the late 1940’s to the current modern age. There is more than enough compelling evidence that software technology has laid a strong impact on all economic and social aspects of our modern day living. Thus, a systematic approach towards high quality software development is required due to an increasingly quality oriented market and competitive business world. With this intricate dependency on software it has become imperative

  • Formal Concept Analysis: Formal Concept Analysis In Software Development Methodologies

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    Recently, the agile methods become the most widely used software development methodologies. Most agile methods try to minimize risk by developing software in short time boxes, called iterations. While agile methods are in a wide spread use but there are few research trying to mine or visualize the degree of agility between the agile methods. In this paper, formal concept analysis (FCA) is used as data mining tool to visualize the degree of agility in six agile methods, by building formal concepts

  • Statment of Purpose for Information Technology at University of Texad Dallas

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    understand how software systems are built. In 3rd semester, I became acquainted with object oriented design. By using this programming paradigm, I was able to code better and faster. I also studied component based development through JavaBeans and was found it to be a novel approach to quickly developing software. My interest in Software Engineering, as a practical approach to develop software, arose while studying it in my fourth semester. I became aware of the different software development methodologies

  • Development of a New Computer System

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    Development of a New Computer System The development of a new computer system starts with the analysis of a particular business problem that IT can solve and ends up with the newly developed computer system being tested and put into place. First you need people to investigate and analyse the business problem - it could be setting up a booking system for a chain of hotels, or a new payroll system for a large company, for example and then design a system which can handle the task. This stage

  • Little Caesar’s Bookstore Management system.

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    system and their interrelationships. Scope This document portrays, in full context, the requirements for developing the specific BMS solution. As such, it represents an important guideline and a complete reference for the upcoming phase of software development and idea generation. By applying a process that leads to a high-quality result, the needs of the people who use the product will be met. Moreover, this document will act as the basis for validating the final complete product in compliance with

  • Royal Bank Of Canada (Rbc)

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    This case discusses a crisis at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) that occurred on May 31, 2004. The crises involved a programming change to a vital piece of banking software. An incorrect change to the code led to the failure of the bank’s programs which in turn led to customers that could not check account balances, customers (and non-customers) that did not receive paychecks, automatic payments and bank transfers that were delayed, and duplicate transactions. The code that was entered incorrectly

  • Linux And Its Impact On The Server Industry

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    and other features consistent with Unix-type systems. Linux was developed under the GNU General Public Licensing and all of its source code is freely available to everyone. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the program and all of the distributed software is free. There are companies and developers that may charge money for the program as long as the source code remains available. Linux In Business?

  • Outsourcing Development Work to India

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    Outsourcing Development Work to India I. Introduction Globalization has had a major impact on the way business is conducted. Companies are increasingly turning to offshore software development outlets for design management. Anywhere from one-half to two-thirds of all Fortune 500 companies are already outsourcing to India and the amount of work done there for U.S. companies is expected to more than double this year according to Forrester Research. This paper will take a look at some of

  • Agile Methodology Case Study

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    Introduction to systems development methodologies In the following discussion, Structured systems analysis and design method (SSADM) and agile methodology have been introduced. Both methodologies can yield productive information systems if they are applied to appropriate development projects and under the right circumstances. In Honda’s information development case, it is recommended that the more traditional methodology SSADM be adopted. Structured systems analysis and design method Structured

  • Procedures, Parameters & Sub-programs

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    In any modern programming language, procedures play a vital role in the construction of any new software. These days, procedures are used instead of the old constructs of GOTO and GOSUB, which have since become obsolete. Procedures provide a number of important features for the modern software engineer:- Programs are easier to write. Procedures save a large amount of time during software development as the programmer only needs to code a procedure once, but can use it a number of times. Procedures

  • Tax Analysis

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    The underlying drivers of Porter’s Five forces are the root causes of profitability within the tax software industry, however; particular drivers in each force make the industry unique. Two barriers to entry, economies of scale and government policies, generate the majority of profitability in the industry. Firms with the largest market share have little unit cost after software development and implementation. These large economies of scale decrease unit costs for a firm, and increase start-up

  • Apple Computer Case Analysis

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    back from failed product introductions. Jobs left Apple in 1985 and founded NeXT Software, which is a designer of applications for software development. Microsoft founder Bill Gates' appealed for Apple to license its products and make the Microsoft platform an industry standard, but Sculley ignored his offer. In 1986 Apple introduced its Mac Plus and LaserWriter printers. Shortly after, Apple formed the software company that later became Claris. By the 1980s Microsoft brought new competition with