Development of a New Computer System

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Development of a New Computer System

The development of a new computer system starts with the analysis of a particular business problem that IT can solve and ends up with the newly developed computer system being tested and put into place.

First you need people to investigate and analyse the business problem - it could be setting up a booking system for a chain of hotels, or a new payroll system for a large company, for example and then design a system which can handle the task. This stage of the process is called systems analysis and design.

This will be a report on the aspects of being a member of a Software Development Team. What qualifications are required to be a member, be it a programmer, a systems analyst or a project leader? What are the roles that each of these members undertake to make up a software development team? Just how important teamwork is to complete tasks, whether large or small, within this field.


If software (a computer program) needs to be written, or a program that's already available needs adapting that’s when people with programming skills become involved.

Computer programmers write instructions for the computer in a language it can understand. There are different kinds of programmers, specialising in different aspects of programming. Programmers need to be able to think in a logical, detailed and careful way.

Computer operations are controlled by programs to ensure fast and efficient completion of tasks they are required to do. Programmers may research, design and write these programs in an appropriate language for the operating system. Some work involves disseminating higher languages into a form that can be used by other systems and hardware. There are many, many types of program, ranging from familiar applications used on PC's to programs that control and supervise the use of other applications on systems. Some programmers may specialise in applications whilst others may work on specific areas of control application.

As a computer programmer, you design and create the software tools that make computers tick and computer users sail through their tasks. You analyse, design, develop, test and maintain computer and Internet-based applications. You evaluate the project requirements, participate in design meetings, determine the best solution to a problem or feature and develop detail design specifications. You use development tools and programming languages in creating software. You identify and obtain the best tools and resources to do the job.