Misrepresentation Of Indigenous Australian In Australia By Baz Luhrmann

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The film Australia by Baz Luhrmann displayed numerous misrepresentation of Indigenous Australians. King George or better known as the “magic man” according to Nullah demonstrates an inaccurate and stereotypical view of Aboriginal Australians as being mysterious and spiritually powerful. Australia depicts Aboriginal Australians as being in touch with nature which is a positive stereotype. Nature plays an important role in the Aboriginal culture since they live off of the land by hunting, gathering, and farming the land. Aboriginal Australians were also portrayed as the “other” in this movie and their culture was viewed as being primitive compared to that of the white culture. Movies portraying Aboriginal Australians as being exotic, mysterious,…show more content…
King George is always around when Nullah is trying to communicate with his grandfather, when Nullah is in some type of danger, or when his grandson is in need of some magic. King George is represented as a stereotypical Indigenous Australian when he performs rituals, sings a magical song to help Drover and his team across the Never Never desert, and his stance with one leg propped up resembles a clichéd symbol of a typical Indigenous Australian. King George is able to travel on foot around Australia just as fast as the Drover and a stampede of cattle which is implausible and presents the image of King George being supernatural. When Drover, Lady Ashley, and the rest of his group were on their way to Darwin, Carney’s team set a fire in order to scare the cattle and as a result the stampede started to run off the cliff. Subsequently, Nullah started to sing a song to help the cattle calm down and eventually stop running. During this scene there was a lot of short takes from seeing the death of Flynn, to the fast pace movement of the cattle when all of a sudden you see this amazing shot of Nullah standing at the edge of the cliff with all the bulls watching him. The cattle went from being rambunctious with dirt flying everywhere to peaceful with the help of a magic song. However, this scene misrepresented the Aboriginal Australians as being both magical because no human being would be able to stop a stampede of 1,500 cattle with only his or her
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