Issues that Affect Educational Outcomes for Indigenous Australians

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In the article, ‘The Association Between Health and Education in Australia’ the author has discussed the associations that impact poor health, limited education, and the relationship between health and education for Indigenous Australians. Biddle has outlined how education can prolong good health and how good health may lead to higher educational achievement which encourages employment and provides benefits in life such as, higher income and improved living standards. Quantitative research was undertaken and data analysed using probit model estimates from the 2001 National Health Survey, carried out by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The data was restricted to Australians aged between 20-64, who were likely to have completed high school, yet were not retired. Poor health was linked to; education, housing and geographic variables. The conclusion drawn suggested that Indigenous Australians that had completed high school were associated with better health outcomes. Biddle suggested that with an individuals higher education, they have engaged in better health knowledge and completed compulsory subjects related to health and physical education, with this knowledge as well as the confidence to utilise the knowledge, they can benefit their own health. Moreover, Biddle indicated that individuals with good health are able to commence education in the first place.

Annotation/ critique
The purpose of the paper was to examine the associations between health and education for Indigenous Australians. Biddle had cited from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare as well as supporting his own scientific research by drawing on perspectives of others' analyses. Biddle has cited research from the National Aboriginal and Torres...

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...d health and educational outcomes, there is reliable information and medical statistics on poor health as a key issue affecting educational outcomes for Indigenous Australians, a valid point for my essay.

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