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  • Great Britain

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    there own country they still believed that an extension to their country would be very beneficial to their economy and power. Britian had laws and taxes on the colonists that seemed unfair to the colonists; and they were, but they benefited Britian a great deal by extending their power further into the world. Now that the British had set up their colony and set down their rules and regulations the colonists felt that they were being treated unfairly and believed that they deserved more freedom than the

  • Great Britain

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    Great Britain Great Britain is made up of three countries, England, Scotland and Wales. It is an island off the coast of north­west of Europe. Britain is part of the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland. The capital is London. Relief There are many different landscapes in Britain, from high mountains to rolling hill sand valleys. Places like Wales, the Lake District and northwest Scotland have high mountains and steep slopes made out of solid rocks. This landscape was made millions

  • Sculpture in Great Britain

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    London and Cheltenham, England feature impressive displays of art and sculptures, including Auguste Rodin’s “The Kiss” and “The Europe Group” by Patrick McDowell. Rodin was commissioned to craft “The Kiss” in 1880, originally designed for “The Gates of Hell” for the upcoming Musee des Beaux Arts. On the other hand, “The Europe Group” was part of the Albert Memorial pieces situated in Kensington Gardens, commissioned in 1846. Both sculptors utilize marble to create the human figure and exaggerated

  • Great Britain and the American Colonies

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    very different from each other? Great Britain and the American Colonies began with a shared heritage, but, over time, developed ideologies as widely apart as their two lands were geographically apart. England was island of limitation and the Colonies was a land of endless possibility. The difference between these two lands contrabret in the differences in their attitudes and actions in the economic, political and social areas particularly illustrate this truth. Britain and the Colonies held vastly

  • The Involvement of Great Britain in the Colonies

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    result of his brother James’s encouragement to assign a committee to oversee them. About a century after 1650, which was marked by the end of the French and Indian War, the distant relationship between Britain and its colonies had evolved immensely. Initially, the only ties between Great Britain and the colonies were of a financial nature. The growth and prosperity the English settlers had achieved attracted the eyes of Parliament, and soon, they decided they wanted to get in on the action. In 1660

  • Industrialization Effects on Workers of Great Britain

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    many nation through out the world. It mainly started in the 19th century. One of the country who was one of the first to have industrial in there country was Great Britain. If had many pros and cons on the lives workers. Industrializations means “To develop industry in country or nation”. Some of cons of industrialization in Great Britain for the workers was they got very minimum wages; they had to work outrages amount of hours. It is a fact that some of the industries only gave there workers

  • Great Britain Rise as the Global Leader of the 18th Century

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    When examining the bloody and often tumultuous history of Great Britain prior to their ascent to power, one would not have predicted that they would become the global leader of the 18th century. Prior to the Treaty of Westphalia, which ended the Thirty Years War, the Spanish and the Holy Roman Empire held much of the power in Europe. Only with the suppression of Catholicism and the development of national sovereignty did Great Britain have the opportunity to rise through the ranks. While much of

  • Great Britain

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    also affects the whole countries economy. Once a country improves their agricultural manufacturing, the country’s economy will then drastically sky rocket. The agricultural revolution, which occurred in the eighteenth century, did just that for Great Britain. The agricultural revolution led to an outstanding increase when it came to the countries production of food. With more food production, the British could now feed more citizens for lower prices. The entrepreneurs of this time period in a way worked

  • What Happened in Britain During the Great Depression?

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    What Happened in Britain During the Great Depression? It is easy to hear “Great Depression” and immediately think only the United States. The reason for this is that the Great Depression began in United States, but the effects were far from being isolated to the United States. Though Britain was effected in many ways by the Great depression, I believe that the greatest overall effect of the Great Depression on Britain was a high and unrelenting unemployment rate. The recurring unemployment of at

  • Great Britain

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    Ever since its creation in 1707, the United Kingdom of Great Britain has been a powerful union of many different nations and identities, including the English, Scots, Welsh and later Irish. From the Middle Ages until the Second World War this union had not only fortified its domestic political power but also expanded its reign across the entire world, resulting in the world’s largest and mightiest empire, the British Empire. This great achievement of the union was mainly due to the remarkable sense