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  • The Game

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    The Game They tried to hide the huge needle, of course. He laid with his face planted hard into the sheets. His father and a nurse held him down by his shoulders and legs. The needle was pushed in just above his hip. He took it better than most boys his age. He clenched as it made its way through his skin. It stopped when it met his hipbone. The doctor had to ratchet it now, hard, to penetrate the bone. He clenched harder. The doctor now rocked the needle around in every direction now, to

  • Basketball: The Game Of A Basketball Game

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    Have you ever watched a basketball game? Basketball is a great all-around sport that people love to watch and play.The professional level of basketball is extremely complicated, making it a great and fun sport. Starting from the early 1900’s and traveling all the way to the 21’st century, basketball has truly evolved from 8 teams to 30 and the NBA adding more rules each year. Rules in a basketball game are extremely important. You and your team try to score on the opposing team's basket

  • Gamification in Education? Game ON or Game Over?

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    with Gamification? That’s a complete misconception on what is gamification all about. Many people think Gamification is a branch of gaming, so what is Gamification really? Gamification is the craft of absorbing the fun and addicting elements in games (Game Mechanics) and applying them into real-world applications. According to one of a Gamification Guru Yu-kai Chou, gamification is a design process that optimizes for the human or “human-focused design” in the system, as opposed to pure efficiency

  • The Greatest Game Of Football: The Beautiful Game

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    popular sports of all time. Football for some people is not just a game but it is a religion. I believe that everyone should have a little knowledge of “The Beautiful Game” as Pele who is regarded as the greatest player of all time called it. Football, apart from being called “The Beautiful Game” it is also known as soccer in United States. Football is played all over the world have billions of fans watching and playing the game. I started playing football when I was a little kid back in my hometown

  • For The Love Of The Game

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    For the Love of the Game Movie This movie is based on a story of man who has a passion for baseball and love for a woman. It shows the struggle between the two, baseball and Jane. This movie takes place in the 20th century in New York. Most of the movie is a flash back of Billy Chapel, Detroit Tiger's Pitcher, the events of the past five years. It shows his the ups and downs of his life with Jane and Baseball. It shows the importance of love for a person and love for a career. The movie

  • Game Over

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    Game Over As I stood at the three point line, the ball seemed to be in slow motion. Screams from the crowd came as the ball dropped through the net. Not only did this shot go in but it dropped through the net with such force that it made a sound that was heard throughout the gym. The gym was packed and the fans were on their feet, I had just hit my first three pointer of my varsity basketball career. As our team set up the press, sweat dripped from my face. I was close enough to kiss my opponent

  • The Power of Games

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    Games have long been besmirched by the idea that playing them makes a person socially undesirable, nerdy, fat, and lazy. The number of negative adjectives conjured up by gamings detractors to describe gamers is staggering. Even in the wake of the Columbine Massacre the media went to great lengths to correlate the gunmen’s horrible actions with the game Doom.(cite needed) When games are not being linked to violent actions they have generally been regarded as an “escapist waste of time” by those who

  • Lolita Games

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    One often recalls the defined games of their childhood. Hopscotch. Tag. Hide-and-Go-Seek. One can remember the more cryptic games of adolescence. Finding a date. Sneaking out of the house. Avoiding teachers or parents. One is familiar with the evolved games of adulthood. Negotiating a raise. Convincing your child to eat vegetables. Compromising with your significant other. Not often thought of as games because many assume games to be made for children, almost every action performed in a day can be

  • The Rebirth of a Game

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    The Rebirth of a Game Basketball in my home state goes way back, straight to the beginning. The University of Kansas (KU) hired James Naismith, the inventor of the game, as its first basketball coach in 1898. The fledgling sport caught on, and has gained force ever since. KU was also the scene of the emergence of Wilt Chamberlain, who dominated the game like none other. At the same time that “Wilt the Stilt” was breaking out, Kansas State University (KSU) had a basketball coach by the name of

  • The Love of the Game

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    The opposing team just made a crucial shot to give them the lead by two with 20 seconds left in the game. Now, it was our possession and there were no timeouts left to strategize. Sweat was dripping down the side of my face, my heart was racing, but my mind was completely focused on nothing but the game at hand. As I dribbled the ball down the court, I looked for my teammates but all of them were heavily guarded by the opposing team. I noticed the girl, who was guarding me, gradually backing up as

  • Trip To The Game

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    A Trip to “The Game” We are going to the game. This common saying is repeated by parents across the United States when they have plans to take their children to a sporting event, especially a basketball game. However, which game are they going to? Which level of competition are they going to? In the game of basketball, the experiences of going to a game are vastly distinct at every level of play: high school, college, and professional. The first and lowest level of basketball is high school basketball

  • The Final Game

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    The Final Game It was November 1st and it was the day of my last volleyball game. I ran into my friend Eri and we started talking about the game later that day. It was against Tunkhannock. They were the best volleyball team from our area, and wouldn’t you know it on our senior night we had to play against them. Senior night was the one night where the seniors were recognized, whether they were good or not. The whole day the team was joking about how much we would lose by against our rival team

  • Game Board Game Essay

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    favorite hobbies is creating strategy and conquest board games. I have developed numerous games through adaptations of existing games and creation of completely new systems. Developing new game mechanics and environments with balanced sub-systems that provide the game with a good level of complexity while maintaining playability is rewarding. In fact, I have found that one of the most satisfying parts of this hobby is developing a new game with a balanced system that provides many possible solutions

  • The Game of Football

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    a person the basic tools needed not only for playing the game, but also how you interact with people in society. The first process of playing football is getting involved. It is actually very easy to get involved because there are various football programs offered to children as well as teens. To get involved in football you must have the will and dedication because of the amount of time football consumes through practice, meetings and games. People who become initially involved in football usually

  • The Ball Game: The History Of The Aztec Ball Game

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    INTRODUCTION The Aztec's ball game was actually a reinvention of an ancient Mesoamerican game which was played by a lot of people including the Mayans. It might have been invented by the ancient Olmec civilization. It was a very important part of the Aztec's way of living, not only because it was entertaining, but also because of political and religious reasons. WHAT WOULD YOU WHEN YOU JUST SETTLE IN A NEW HOME? I would most probably check the place out, check the place nearby or even go for a

  • My Football Game: The Last Game Of Football

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    It was the last season of my football career and it could not have been going better. We were winning games and were having a blast. The team was giving high fives and banging helmets together. We were a true family; growing closer than any team I had ever been with before. I was standing with my teammates as we said the same prayer before our game as we did every week. “Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.” The deep, strong voices rang throughout the room sending chills down

  • Game Theory In A Game

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    by others that affect the overall outcome. Any situation in which the outcome is dependent on the choices of two or more people is what defines an interactive decision. Game theory studies the human behavior involved in these strategic settings, which surround the interactive decisions. In order to label a social interaction a game there needs to be two or more decision making agents, called players, each with two or more options to act upon, called strategies, and a clear understanding of what each

  • The Tactical Games Model: Why The Tactical Game Model?

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    instruction.Why The Tactical Game Model? The tactical game model uses student’s curiosity in a game structure to promote skill development and tactical knowledge needed for knowledgeable game application, when planning a tactical game model, the teacher plans a structure of learning task that have a game like assembly to develop students skills and tactics, leading the up to a modified or full version of the game. These game like assignments and modified games are called game forms. This model stresses

  • Physics and Computer Games

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    Computer games have steadily become a form of mainstream entertainment ever since Pong was released back in 1958. Today, it is hard to find an electronics department in any store that doesn't carry some sort of computer game. "Big deal," you say, "Everyone knows about computer games. What does they have to do with physics?" Well, the technology for creating more powerful software is constantly advancing, and since games are a form of software, they too become more and more advanced. As games become

  • The Point of Theater Games

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    Have you ever wondered what the point of playing theater games is? Before I took theater class, I thought they were just played to have fun. However, that is completely wrong. Theater games, as much fun as they are, have an absolute purpose. They help to develop skills in such areas of teamwork, focus, and observation. Theater games are a great alternative way of learning. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather be up on my hands and feet having a great time learning, rather than sitting