The Game of Football

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Are You Ready For Some Football?

From the early ages in history to the present day, sports have always been an important part of society. It teaches discipline, how to be a team player, how to interact with others and is a good source of physical activity. In specific, football utilizes all of these aspects of sports and it’s a great source of teaching self-restraint and perseverance. Some may say that football is a violent sport or it’s not beneficial in any way, but in reality it gives a person the basic tools needed not only for playing the game, but also how you interact with people in society.
The first process of playing football is getting involved. It is actually very easy to get involved because there are various football programs offered to children as well as teens. To get involved in football you must have the will and dedication because of the amount of time football consumes through practice, meetings and games. People who become initially involved in football usually start early in life usually around nine or ten in peewee football and lasts until they’re thirteen. Even at this early stage of peewee, football is very demanding because of the time involved. This involvement is usually by choice of the child because of interest in football and parents usually don’t force their children into playing. Involvement in peewee football is due to the fact that children have a lot more time to play than young adults. Football is also economically feasible for most families because it is relatively inexpensive so football is not restricted in who can play by the amount of money their parents make. The team provides the equipment, with the exception of spikes and a jersey. The total cost of playing football is usually around $60.00 . Usually at the peewee level, you have 1-2 practices a week and a game every week. Also in peewee you have team meetings to discuss defensive and offensive strategy and sometime just to bond with your teammates. Usually this takes place once a week.
Continuing involvement in football happens at the high school level because it is the most easily accessible program to teens. A teen will usually continue playing football in high school if they enjoyed playing or they really excelled at it in the peewee level. The good thing about playin...

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...h school I wasn’t a great player. Re-involvement came fairly quick for me because a short year later, this year as a matter of fact, I was asked to be a coach for a local high school team. I was honored by the offer and of coarse I took the opportunity. The fact that my father was the head coach probably had something to do with it, but I was just ecstatic to be back on the football field again, even though I wasn’t the one playing. With this coaching position I’ve experienced a lot of new relationships. From meeting a whole new group of players to other coaches it’s been a learning experience and I’ve already built new friendships that I know will last a long time. But the most important relationship I believe I have built because of this experience is a better relationship with my father. In the past we have had our differences but because of football we’ve been closer than I think we’ve ever been before. Football has proven to me to be worth while. It has taught me dedication, determination, teamwork among others. Football has given me an identity of being a part of team and friendships I will have for a lifetime, especially with the person that means the most to me… my father.
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